08 June 2007

photobooth friday

don worry bowd it mommee, DON WORRY BOWD IT. words that have me biting my lip to keep from laughing. yesterday morning, he yelled, HAVE A GRAY DAY, O-KAY AVA? HAVE A GRAAAY DAY! he watched her go as he stood there on the porch (without pants), waving and smiling, face sticky from breakfast. I tell you, this cuteness, it makes me weak.

I suppose I could also talk about the flip side of Cutie McCuterson-- the side that has me thoroughly frustrated on a daily basis, the one that has me losing my temper and saying things my mom said back in the day, things I swore I'd never say. I could talk about how exhausting it is to keep up with The Boy Who Never Stops Moving, how I have to watch him every single second of the day, lest I find him partying with buzz lightyear up on top of the roof, painting the walls with handfuls of mud or ingesting entire bottles of meyer's lavender counter spray. though all I can think about lately is how I really don't want to wish this time away. even when I am pulling my hair out, I am trying to remember that he won't always be like this. meaning, he won't always let me scoop him up in my arms and squeeze until we've both had enough. he won't always think I'm the coolest, most fantastic creature in the whole wide world. there will come a time when running through the house without pants will not seem like such a good idea, when singing silly little songs with his mom will seem like a death sentence, when I won't be able to bribe him with a stick of bubblegum or a trip to the park. I mean, I can't wait to see the boy (the man) that ezra grows into, but ohhhhhh. I also want him to stay like this forever and ever amen.

but I know that he can't. even as I write this, he is screaming at me from across the room, squeezing a fistful of blueberries, juice running down the side of his arm. dook mommy, DOOK! JOOOS! what else can I do but stop everything and look? offer congratulations and then tell him (gently but firmly) NO SQUEEZING THE BLUEBERRIES, PLEASE. all I can do is celebrate who he is right now, these last couple of days before he turns three. what else can I do but enjoy it while it lasts?

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  1. oh i hear ya mama. i hear ya. one of the things i dread is when eliot no longer smells sweet, even when he is sweaty he is sweet. can you believe that in a few years he will be a stinky, pre-pubescent teen with fuzz above his lip, gawky legs, and attitude? ugh...

  2. I finally have one this week!!!

    (oh and times Ezra by 3 and you have my life:) so I feel your pain sister soul!

  3. Oh my word, I love that photobooth progression. Happy almost-three to Mr. Big Brown Eyes, Zoe and I both love him so...

  4. so cute! tres! i ALMOST bought a Canon EOS 400D today. but... i must hold off. spread my money over weeks instead of days... do you think my photos are okay quality? for now it will have to. i'm heading to Seattle via the choo choo train this Sunday for a day trip. meeting up with a friend. first time for me. i can't wait to take photo after photo after photo after photo... have a great pre-birthday weekend!

  5. i think it's a safe bet that he'll always have you at the top of his cool list!
    happy weekend :)

  6. oh, such cuteness! in both words and pictures :-)

  7. I loved seeing the many faces of your boy and I loved even more the story of Ezra - embrace all of it because as I look at my long-legged 6 year old, I cry inside that there is nothing baby about my girl anymore and while I love every age more and more, I still miss the teeny.

  8. oh my god he's so freakin cute i can't stand it.....

    so um - yeah there may be moments he doesn't think you are cool... but then as an adult he'll look back and realize he had one of the coolest moms on the planet. for sure!

  9. Oh my goodness. Ezra is THE CUTEST TWO YEAR OLD IN THE UNIVERSE. Oh, those expressions - and the eyes! What a dear little soul. Dang that kid's cute.

    I have two boys (4 and 6) so I know the frustration you talk about. I try to let the yummy sweet moments wash over me - really sink in. Like a sunny warm fuzzy. Even though I know I won't remember all those delicious moments, somehow I know the warmth will stay a part of me. I pray, anyway... They grow up too fast!

  10. ohhhhhh, we cant wait to see you!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY EZRA!!!

  11. OHHHH what a great post. I feel you on it, totally. There are moments that melt your heart, immediatly following the moments that cause you to come close to losing your minds. What a strange, amazing season. But fleeting way too fast!

  12. I'm still amused with the Buzz Lightyear story from Christmas...

  13. those photos are wonderful. and i truly adore your weblog. i love finding new people (especially other fabulous mums) who live in our beautiful city.

  14. haha!! he is sooo CEWT.

  15. happy birthday ezra!

  16. What a riot! I remember those days when my nephew was little (he's 15 now) and the things that used to come out of his mouth, the gibberish that sounded like chinese and when you asked him to repeat himself, clear as a bell he'd say (in that exasperated 3 year old voice), "NEVER MIND". They're just so darn cute and mischievous and silly and frustrating and wonderful at that age.

    On some level they're not as much fun at 15 as they were when they were 3, but on a whole other level they're so much better (if you can get past the hormonal outbursts)!