07 June 2007

I love a parade

I've been trying to convince ward that all the parades that have been happening all over town are really in honor of us, not that silly rose festival. surprisingly enough, he is not buying it.

we've been to two whole parades in the last week and we're about to attend one more (the mother of them all, I'm told)-- the grande floral parade. this is big news at our house, since the only parade the kids have ever been to was a humble little fourth of july deal in downtown decatur, georgia. which was nice and all, you know-- kids with red, white and blue streamers sweetly woven through the spokes of their bicycles and wagons enthusiastically decorated with glittery ribbons and balloons. but there were no real marching bands, no big fancy schmancy floats. plus, there were about a hundred convertibles with such-and-such running for this office or that one, all of them dying to pass out a flyer, slap you with a sticker or pinch the cheek of an unsuspecting child. I was soured on parades after that. even though ava and ezra didn't know any different, even though I have marvelous memories of childhood parades.

when I was growing up, there was one big parade, once a year and always in the fall. october is a most excellent month for parades-- not too hot, not too cold-- crisp air, heavy with promise. I remember scrambling after candy thrown from floats that seemed to glide down main street like show boats. I remember baton twirlers, flashes of sequins and crepe paper in every color (wrapped around every possible surface). I remember the scent of popcorn and bonfires, the drums of the highschool band-- you could hear them coming long before they hit the center of town, you could feel it. it was everything that is good about small towns.

I think I might be sweet on parades again. I think I have officially de-soured. two good parades will do that to you. especially if you're watching them through the eyes of your children.


  1. I adore parades! They seem so small town, old-fashioned, Americana. I love the innocence, the simple fun, the festivities, and the tradition of it all. Two of my favorite days are when I can get up and make a killer breakfast, and sit in front of the tv and watch The Rose Parade or the Macy's Parade. So so good.

  2. Andrea, I'm so glad you guys went to the Junior Parade! Itsn't it a cutie? My friends and I were in it when we were in 3rd grade. It was way less formal then. We were 50's girls with poodle skirts, pulled my brother along in the crepe paper-decorated Radio Flyer, and tossed out candy. I'll never, ever forget it. Have fun at the Grand Floral, too. It's a whopper!


  3. i'd love to see what happens if you and ava and ezra have your own little parade :)

    [de-soured is a great term btw]

  4. Sounds like fun! I haven't been to a good parade in ages. My town does the pathetic little parades and I always seem to miss the killer parade and street fair that happens every July (Old Hallowell Day) two towns up.

    This year...I swear I'm going! (I say that every year, though)


  5. Oh, A.
    Another lovely post with lovely photos (ohmygosh the pink feathers!).
    Happy weekend and parade attending and love to you and yours :)

  6. We got caught in the traffic rerouted by the kid's parade on Sandy a few days ago, but didn't see it -- I've heard it's fun! And in reference to your last post about modern dance here in Portland, I don't really know anything about dance, but I met a NY transplant a few years ago who started dancing with Bodyvox, and we went to see a performance and thought it was awesome -- thrilling choreography, without that silly seriousness that you seemed to be talking about. It was really really FUN. As I say, I don't know anything about dance but I would encourage you to check them out if you haven't already. Cheers!

  7. How fun you get to experience the Rose Festival for the 1st time during the Centennial Celebration. If you haven't already checked it out the latest Portland Monthly has a great 100 years of Rose Festival photo spread. The pants to those outfits totally made my day at the parade. Have a great time tomorrow.