11 August 2006

south carolina is for lovers

for me, the week was about the littlest things.

for starters, there was a refrigerator icemaker that dispensed perfectly crushed ice at my every whim. really, I have a crazy thing for crushed ice. and a bag of the freshest, sweetest cherries, with juice so startlingly red that every time the bebes bit into one it looked as if they'd been drinking blood. the fantastic private pool meant that I could prance (yes, prance) around the place in my favorite, oldest and most faded two-piece swimsuit with no one (and by no one, I mean other women) sizing up every square inch of my body. oh, the freedom! I almost passed out from joy. viva a sarong-free life and my husband makes me feel like the most beautiful creature on this earth. oh, and diving for the first time in years (did you know it's like riding a bike?) and drinking homemade strawberry slushees by the pool. mornings at the beach went beyond all the playing-- like a trip to the spa, babies. a sand-covered body meant that for once, my feet were wickedly smooth and clean, my skin soft and brown and my hair wavy from sea water. there was the shell-collecting, which I love. I really, really love to do this. nevermind that we didn't get around to making the shell boxes and necklaces that I always think we're going to make. also: a spotless, most cavernous tub into which I poured way too much bubble bath. I think I must be out of touch with the whole bubble bath thing because when I switched on the jets, I thought I might (quickly) be buried alive by cucumber-melon scented bubbles. the beginnings of panic set in (a little I love lucy-ish, yes?) but still, it was a bath-- a hot and bubbly one at that. and there was the bed with the impossibly soft white sheets. it called out to me (earlier and earlier) each night. sleep is a most delicious thing when you embrace it whole-heartedly.

I am now ready to take on the world. meaning: ava starts school monday morning and we will be moving into a new home september the 1st. I'm ready now, I can take it. I've had loads of crushed ice and some sleep plus time in the ocean, diving and floating in the pool. I'm ready.

(thank you so much marilyn and carlene for making this vacation possible)

you've seen a lot already, I know, but go here for more. you'll feel like you've been on vacation, I promise.


  1. Holy wow.
    These photos are just so beautiful :)

    I cannot tell you how good it is to hear that you've been recharged and that you are ready to take on the world again.


  2. exactly what you needed. you sound so refreshed.... and the pictures.... amazing!

    welcome home friend! xo

  3. I DO feel like I've been on vacation. I can almost taste the slushee (what's your recipe?) and feel the sand on my belly.

    Your pictures are so wonderful.

  4. I can't wait to go look at the pictures ~ the few I've seen (as I wildly tried to skim) are delicious! Happy vacation to you ~ I love going to the beach in the Carolinas, nothing better.

  5. these are so beautiful! you have a really good eye for colour and detail.

    and i am so jealous of you being on vacation. *sigh*

  6. your photographs are amazing! we've been cherry stained all this week too.
    so happy you are refreshed :)

  7. Uh, Andrea, so good . . .And your photos are always so perfect, luscious even. The one of the bed is so sexy.

    Go conquer the world, girl.

  8. How divine! So glad that you had such a fabulous and rejuvenating time.

  9. that is so great. i know you have beeen longing for vacation for so long! i'm so glad it is going amazing. the way you enjoy things, and the things you enjoy just reminds me of meridith so much. i think you guys MUST have the same blood in you. :)

  10. You so deserve it, and you so really appreciate it, down to the smallest detail, and that's why the cosmos keeps heaping the blessings up on y'all's collective plate!

    I am glad beyond words that everything worked out and you are all revitalized. Cherries at the beach will do it every time.

  11. No one deserves it more than you and your hubby. So glad the kids loved it too! What pictures...you all needed that in the worst way....thank you, Lord, for once again providing.

  12. It sounds like you had a beautiful vacation with your family. I don't know you, but I can say that I am SO happy that you got to do that. I hope my vacation is as great, though i don't think i can top it.


  13. sounds delicious. so glad you've rejuventated...and are ready to take on all the new stuff ahead...
    and school on monday? oh my!