28 August 2006

photobooth friday

clearly, I have no idea how this whole 'days of the week' thing works. that's what it must look like, what with so many of my recent photobooth fridays showing up on saturdays, sundays and now (gulp) mondays. actually, I was about to let this one pass, but I couldn't. I just COULDN'T even though I'm up to my eyeballs in paint (soft white satin interior, if you must know). there's paint in my hair, on my toes, my hands, the backs of my legs. the new house is a little, how you say... rough around the edges. needs several gallons of paint to smooth it out. I haven't packed the first thing. I'm in some strange holding place, walking around the old house like we're not about to uproot and vacate in four short days. I put clean towels away in the hall closet with nary a thought to the big hot mess this house is about to become. it's only been three short years since we last moved, so I vividly remember the work involved, the chaos that moving brings on the entire family, the unfamiliarity of sleeping in a new place. still, I walk around as if nothing is about to happen. and it's not because I don't want to move-- I'm prepared, I've made my peace with it. I'm ready to inhabit a fresh space, I'm open to the change. but something is strange. I feel strange.

one tradition I have is to take a photograph of the refrigerator door right before we move. there are always photobooth strips on the fridge (yes, of course)-- they're part of a small kitchen exhibit that is constantly evolving. scraps of drawings, various photographs, corny magnetic poetry-- it's all there. just like so many refrigerator doors all over the world. these photobooth strips, the photo of me dancing, the randomly placed words ('pink delirious wind' being my favorite), the ava drawings-- items that made (make) me happy every single day. this weekend, I will be working on a new refrigerator door exhibit. look for it to make tremendous waves in the art world.

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  1. Good luck with the move and I'm hoping that you love your new fridge door all the more. I loved seeing all the little things on your fridge and especially of you dancing, pretty girl.

  2. We will be putting our house on the market in a couple weeks, and my every waking moment is now spent cleaning, storing, pitching, giving to Goodwill-ing; anything to get our woefully over -stocked house ready for the critical eyes of strangers.Moving is like a roller coaster ride...scary yet exciting. Going through our junk is a lesson in excess. Man o man do we have too much! At least I have been able to part with a lot...a real accomplishment for me. I find it so helpful to read about other folks going through the same experience. Good luck with your move...and keep your fingers crossed for us. If we can sell our house in time, we will be able to move to the cool historical farmhouse that we bid on last week. They accepted our offer ...just need to sell our place. We were not in the market for a new place so we were far from ready to sell. The new house was built in 1814 near the Erie Canal. I hope we get it!


  3. Good job Andrea, good job doing everything you do. I have 1/4 round in a nice pile in my living room. The kids have been playing with them like a great big game of pick-up-sticks. I know exactly how you feel. I wish I knew when I was moving though. I hate being up in the air.

    Good luck this weekend. I wish there was three of me to come and pack it all for ya.

  4. Oh, I love the picture of your refrigerator. That's the one thing I miss about the old kitchen - our old refer was completely covered with pictures and word poetry and little art projects.

    You have my empathy regarding moving. I, for one, can't wait to see how wonderful and lovely you make the new place.

  5. i LOVE this photo!!!! what lovely bits of a life!

  6. Your fridge is fun...so many goodies to look at. I know moving really stinks, and I've only had to move my husband and myself. Maybe you can look at it as a fresh start...a new decorating opportunity... a whole new set of memories.

  7. love your fridge exhibit and the tradition! wished i would've taken a picture of a certain wall that had the growth chart of a little boy and his brother that we left behind...

  8. I love this photo but most of all I love the Henry Miller quote. My thoughts are with you this weekend for a smooth and easy move for your family. I look forward to the new fridge exhibit. You have the power, girlfriend!

  9. I submitted one too. Not a great copy, but there with ya nevertheless. Last week too, just late in the night. Consider me part of the gang :)