18 August 2006

photobooth friday

my mom, she got tickled.

take a look around, you might like what you see:

the whole self
lisa's musings
nessie noodle
velvet vox

and the enchanting miss pickle-b sent this my way. upon viewing, I turned 23 shades of purple and danced a little happy dance inside my head.


  1. What a fun photo and a great smile. It's nice that it's been marked on the back what happened, so you have the story behind it, too. It makes the little archivist within me sing!

  2. Sa-weet! Glad you liked it. And btw cute picture of your mom, love that sixties hair-do (:

  3. Love this. Especially with the note on the back. We can see where you got your pretty. ;)

  4. thanks, all!

    doow-- proof that the true archivist makes some sort of note on the back of all their photos...! I have got to remember to write the funny little details on the back of all my photos (esp. the photobooth snaps)... that's what makes this one of my mom so special. :)

  5. I was in love with that girl from the moment I saw her, and still love her to this day. She looks the same today. Lord, thank you for this woman. She gave me a wonderful sweet and cute daughter, too!

  6. you may have the most darling family on the planet! look at those teeth- beautiful!!! and the hair flip so cute :)

  7. your mom is a gorgeous rock star. and the writing on the back just makes it all that much better.

  8. I'm loving your blog. I've been collecting old photos for many years, and I've just started posting them on my blog on Sundays. I have a few photobooth strips too, so perhaps I'll participate next Friday!

    PS - that comment from your dad is the sweetest!