14 June 2006


(for port2port's week of color)

the most interesting thing on the street was not this old truck, but the grey house with the lemon yellow steps that led to a shockingly bright orange door. I had to look twice, it was such a sweet surprise. like a neon sign that had been turned on in the middle of the day. like an ordinary business man in a crumpled grey suit wearing a tie the color of tangerines. too timid to get close enough to photograph the door, I shot the chevy instead.

I think about that orange door sometimes. it specifically came to mind when jeffrey yamaguchi put the idea out there to shoot the brightest thing you see during your week. I love the idea of noticing the brightest thing. although I think we naturally zero in on the brightest things around us (literally or metaphorically-speaking), we don't always really see them in the way they need to be seen.


  1. That is my dream truck. And I would love an orange door too. Its all about the color, baby.

  2. hmmmm...you've given me something to think about.

    the house you mention reminds me of a house here in my town. a bunch of college guys lived there and painted the grass, trees, ect beautiful rainbow colors. the neighbors complained so they painted the house purple. the neighbors turned them into some city ordinance thing and so they left the house purple but added huge black polka dots. eventually the city made them paint the house a "normal" color. it was so disappointing compared to the fabulous vivid colors they had been using.

  3. These seem like people you need to introduce yourself to. Their choices of color seem to say so much about them :)

  4. you take the best photo's :)
    I love old chevy's

  5. I love the way old trucks have "eyelids" around the head lights- makes me just want to draw giant lashes on there- maybe she's born with it, maybe it's Maybeline...
    So feminine on a masculine piece of metal, ya know?

  6. I just painted my toes a shocking color of orange....my color for spring and summer!

  7. that is why I have a zoom lens to capture the images I am too nervous to photograph outright...this car is great!

  8. i love that truck! i've always dreamed of some day getting one of those for my husband. that is too cool. now, I want to see that door!!

  9. Hey, I love your blog... your photos are so great. I'm going to take notice of the brightest things today:)

  10. hey-- thanks y'all.

    jackie-- the truck is a dream, I agree.

    michelle-- your story reminds me of some old friends who used to live in this old apt. bldg (which was one of four). each bldg. was painted a bright pastel color-- pink, blue, yellow and green. the buildings were collectively called 'easter island'... so much fun, so lovely, I thought they were the coolest. I recently drove by and they have been converted to condominiums and have been painted steel grey. uuuuugggghhhhhhh.

    les-- yes, they DO seem like my sort of people.

    justine-- thanks. :)

    nessie-- I totally humanize trucks and cars! too many years of disney movies, I think.

    acumamakiki-- orange on toes and fingers for summer is so rad.

    wendy-- I'll probably have to break out the zoom lens to get a pic of the infamous door. :)

    molly-- pics of the door to come, I promise.

    carly-- thanks so much! let me know what the brightest thing is...

  11. shoot the brightest thing. now there's a meaty bone to chew....