02 June 2006

photobooth friday

(found this at the 26th street fleamarket in new york a couple of years ago-- on the back, the name 'eva' is written in a gorgeous, faint script)

"a picture is worth a thousand words, knowing that words spoken are often false. memory and imagination merge with fact and transform a single moment into an entire story. and eventually, all we will remember is the moment defined and distilled in the picture. when our memories are no longer accessible as actual memories, when they are simply stories that we tell, we will look at ourselves and show our friends and will say, 'see here, this is how I was.' it doesn't matter if the situation represented changed dramatically the very next day, that the lover we were so cozy with has broken our hearts, or that we have grown old and no longer resemble our youthful selves. in the photobooth picture, unlike any other portrait or photograph, truth and fiction easily commingle. in a photobooth we choose the moment and the way in which we represent ourselves. we choose our truth."
~babette hines, from her book photobooth

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  1. I have been searching SO HARD for vintage photobooth castoffs and have found nothing. Hrmph.

    This is simply spectacular.

    I just want to thank you for keeping this whole thing afloat. How can we get more peeps in the ring? I'll help any way I can because I am a believer (as if you didn't know that already).

  2. i love this photo and the passage...it is so true how pictures capture the self we want to remember "truth and fiction"...yes.

  3. oh yes, i am with mypink sky, loving the passage and the "truth and fiction" words...Eva was a real beaut, and i love when there are words on the back. on all of my grandpa's photobooth photos he (or my grandma) recorded where he was or some faded tidbit you can no longer make out. when i see their cursive, makes me catch my breath. gorgeous.

  4. omg that cloche.

    have you read susan sontag's take on photography? you might like it....

    i have found more photobooths... hehe hope to be participating again soon!

  5. You are somethin' else! Love to read your blogs! Love you!

  6. As you are aware, vintage pictures are like chocolate coated crack to me. I love this one. I love her style, and that dreamy looking off to the side pose.