23 June 2006


by the skin of our teeth, we made it.

I'd rather not talk about it, not just yet.


  1. thankful you made it, gosh! wondering about your sanity, praying for peace. wishing you the best vacation. thinking of seeing you again. cannot think of a better orange...

  2. That's so simple, but I think it's just brilliant.

  3. phew.
    hope the remainder of the weekend is just lovely.
    wish I could hit the thrift shop with you! eek.

    and hooray for orange - what a fantastic color, eh?

  4. I'm so happy that you guys made it safely. Of course there's always some drama that comes with a long trip like that. The house is boring and quiet right now. I miss my peeps!

    Glad you made it, sweetie. Can't wait to come up there next week!

  5. the orange against the green is so pretty.

  6. No photo booth pic????? I've got one up.

  7. if you're driving through baltimore on your way back, and all is crazy, call me (i'll email you my number) and i can take you and the stir-crazy kids to the most rawkinest playground. i live very near I-95!

    glad you made it.