24 February 2006

photobooth friday

ezra, city museum, st. louis, 2005

he's a bruiser, people. he loves to throw stuff and poke things and push elevator buttons and listen to the sound of his own voice. he's unbelievably strong-willed and stubborn and has in him a reserve of energy that is freakishly endless. and the ez loves a good spar with our mean old cat (whom I love dearly but really, she is mean and has always scared the crazy mary out of ava and all other family and friends outside of ward and myself). ezra is known for his scowl-- an intensely furrowed brow that I swear he got from my dad's side of the family. The Scowl makes an appearance when ezra is unsure of the circumstances or doesn't buy what you're saying. and now he has started in with the tantrums. ava was such a chilled-out child that we really don't have any experience in this particular arena. but ezra... ezra does that crazy, stiff arched-back thing which then forces me to put him on the ground and walk away. oh, it's a scene. and I am starting to become that woman in the grocery store that you feel sorry for, you know the one-- you've seen her out of the corner of your eye and felt something akin to pity (or horror). she is the one trying (in vain) to maintain a little dignity while holding onto said screaming wiggling toddler. my husband says it best: the ez is, by very definition, scrappy. and just a little bit punk rock.

ah, but he breaks my heart in a million little ways every single day. I am butter the moment he tries to wrap his stubby little arms around mine, lays his head on my shoulder and starts to babble softly. the beginnings of new words coming out of his tiny mouth, his signature dance (which is something like a head tilt and some stomping and an arm thing), his awareness of anyone, anything in pain and his attempts to comfort. the way he takes off running towards the door at the end of the day when he hears ward's keys in the door. personality for days, eyes as bright and as big as the moon, a laugh that should be bottled and sold all over the world. all of these things, they hit me so hard and I'm often reduced to mush, no choice but to soften.

this past weekend, we were in indianapolis (on a little family getaway centered around ward's speaking engagement). and there we were, in our hotel room at four am, ezra wide awake. I was too tired to get him to go back to sleep and so ward and I just let him wander the room while we talked about the weekend. the light from the bathroom was just enough for him to make his way around and he was thrilled with this unusual early morning grant of freedom. finally, he stopped at the small couch where ava was sleeping-- she'd kicked off the blankets (like she so often does) and was lying all curled up like a cat. he looked at her for a moment.

"ward, if that kid puts the blanket over ava, I swear. I will not be able to take it. I will pass out from cuteness and love."

and that is exactly what ezra did. he took the pink fuzzy princess blanket and gently covered her up (as best as he could) and walked away. shortly after that, he fell asleep on the bed with me.

so, he is not exactly the terror I have made him out to be. I'm not saying we don't have our hands full, don't have our work cut out for us, that we won't be getting calls from school or escape multiple trips to the emergency room. but he's destined for greatness, that kid. at least, that's what I'm willing to put money on.

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  1. andrea,
    this is beautiful and heartfelt.
    oh I love coming here and reading - you have such an amazing heart.
    sending love out your way.
    tears in my eyes. wonderful and true.
    my words are coming jumbled and in fits and starts.
    hope it makes some sense.

  2. the scrappy scowl! i love it!!! if i ever have a child you are going to be hearing from me!!!

    and guess what? i posted my one and only photobooth photo just now! yay!!

  3. Ok, the blanket thing made me get teary-eyed.

    Love the photos!

  4. aw - little ez! sounds like such a character and definitely a little boy at heart! and what a sweet gesture - he learned from you! that memory you will remember forever i'm sure. so sweet.

    p.s. - i was one of those mom's carrying an arched back child out of the store (if that makes you feel any better). such a challenge but so many rewards these boys.

  5. One afternoon with the little dude and we are completely in love with him. He is so funny how that brow will curl ... furrow ... and he'll stare you down.
    But then he also warms up ... and you get that smile ... that wipes away any of the scowl memories ... and feels good!
    Your boy is a handful.
    Your boy is a dream.
    You guys make good babies!

  6. hi! what a sweet photo! your words always put a smile on my face.
    i can relate to the store scene, and the "butter" moments that make it all worth it.

  7. I love this story. I also love scrappy men (my husband being one of them). He's cute enough to eat.

  8. I want to eat him up he's so precious. I love when their little fingers are chunky and they're trying to do things you do. The blanket - lord - roll on the floor cute. And the running to the door when daddy's home - GULP!

  9. I am overwhelmed by the cuteness. I cannot take much more. BUT SEND MORE.

  10. Thank you for the wonderful read, you have such a fantastic way of painting a picutre. I love that little guy! And isn't that just how boys are? Push you to the brink and then melt you to pieces with just one look. Give him a squeeze for me.

  11. Oh, Andrea, this is the loveliest post. Your son sounds like a beautiful little person. The part about the blanket over Ava made my heart grow three sizes.

    Now, why didn't I think of putting Max into the booth by himself? Boy, I've gotta let go a little ;-)

    Thanks again for starting this.

  12. Okay, the last line made me cry. You just made me remember all the reasons I love being a mommy.

  13. Scrappy, tenacious, brilliant -- he fills my day with sunshine.

    I swear I count down the minutes until I come home to see that wide-eyed face come running towards me -- clomping around across the floor, arms open wide.


    Love that kid.

  14. oh he is so adorable! and i finally managed to find the rest of my photobooth pics, so i have my photobooth friday posted this week as well!

  15. This is my first visit to your blog and I love your writing, your description of your son, and i love that assortment of paper below. (or should I say, I "lurv" it?) Ah, where did that come from? And, Ezra is so cute, and I love the name!

  16. drats! i should have posted the pic of me and my granny in the booth! little E is too adorkable, i only hope i will have a wee sccrqappy fella to drag into a booth someday...;)

  17. Such a beautiful post and great photos> I always find it amazing the kind of determination and personality that can exist in such small packages.

  18. such a rascal!! and too cute for words. we love little E (but hope he goes easy on his mom as he gets bigger--the chin in the shoulder thing has got to get old soon!)

  19. OH! Ezra! What a beautiful writing on such a wonderful blessing to us. You do have a 24-7 position with him. The pictures you sent remind me so much of Von in likeness. He pulls on my heart-strings just like the rest of them...Ava, Luxie, and Zaine. Thank you for sharing. Love you!

  20. Miss seeing Ava and the Ez with you at lunch! Whenever we did it, it was an adventure...

  21. LOL. I know it's a funny thing to say; but considering that Ava was always 'that kind' of kid, I had always hoped that Ezra would be 'the other kind'. Great story. And I'm sure you'll have many more in the future. (I can't wait to hear them)

    Just keep handing out the dollar bills.

  22. What a great story...and so cute photos!