03 February 2006

photobooth friday

city museum, st. louis, 2004

city museum, st. louis, 2005

squeezing the entire family into that small booth and scoring (marginally) decent photos two years in a row may very well be one of my finer life accomplishments. especially with mr. wiggly vonSquirmington. (and don't you love how we gave him a dollar to keep him happy? you better believe mommy drenched those little hands in sanitizer the minute we stepped out of the booth).

behold the photobooth friday love:

my house is cuter than yours
I'm channeling doris day
ticky tacky
meegan blue
persnickety me
lulu's world

(yo, if you got some to share, give me a holler... either here in the comments or via email. I'll add you to the list lickety-split)


  1. Mine's up! Yours are adorable! You bet, that's an accomplishment: I wouldn't even know how to get Jeremy and me and Max into a little booth!

  2. Such a sweet, beautiful family! Mine's up too, and I also choose one where we squeezed everyone (pre-Zoe) into a booth. I wonder if we could do it with all five of us now? Hmmmm... Have a great day! Thanks as always for such a great idea.

  3. Andrea - you're the master photo boother. As are your followers. I'm so impressed by them.


  4. I never thought it to be possible to get four people in the booth much less all in the picture! I have a hard time just getting hubby and I in there! Well done! Ez holding the dollar..priceless..ha ha! And Andrea you are so beautiful! I love your hairstyle in the bottom 2005 pic (not that I don't like the 2004 do, I just can't see it!)

  5. this is defintely going to HAVE to be a yearly event for your family! can you imagine when ava and ezra are teenagers and all of you are squished in there? so fun! and you are all looking so gorgeous! thanks for sharing these - love this photobooth friday thing! (on the hunt for a booth today!)

  6. You guys are such a gorgeous family! I now have such anticipation coming to your site every Friday...it is SO FUN! I heart photobooth Fridays!

  7. hella adorable, per usual! love it!

  8. Wow, I love this! I put mine up, and I am in search of a new booth.
    What a great idea, thanks for sharing.

  9. so much fun! I've posted mine as well...that's all I've got, so I guess I'll have to go on a photobooth hunt!

  10. love these!
    i MUST find a photo booth around here...
    i only have one strip from when paul and i started dating...i will have to remember next friday.

    btw...your family is lovely. you positively shine!

  11. i love all the peering looks :)

    so good. as always! [i'm still searching for my photobooth strip.... hopefully next week!]

  12. I have spent Super Bowl Sunday looking at your blog and enjoying the pictures and your writings and have had a blast. Can't tell you how much mom and I enjoyed your writing and the pictures. WE ARE BLESSED SO MUCH.....THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

  13. YOur family is SO gorgeous--you are, your kids are, your guy is. And the best part? You know how to have fun together!! I want a photo booth near me so bad!

  14. By the way, I found an old photobooth pic that is about ... well ... let's see ... anywhere from 15 to 20 years old. So, I'm ready for next Friday.
    I'm in.
    Count me in.
    I'll do it ... really.
    I wanna play.
    Can I play?

  15. Pizza with goat cheese and sun dried tomatoes!! WOW! I don't think anything can beat that. :0)