17 February 2006

photobooth friday

inspired by the fabulous liplocking action going on over at my house is cuter than yours last week and of course, lovey-dovey smoochy-woochy valenTIMES day, I decided on a kiss. photobooth kissing, so good. what I wrote on the back of this strip:

photobooth. forest fair mall. cincinnati, ohio. january 1st, 1991 (approx. 10:15 p.m.) k-i-s-s-i-n-g. ward and andrea. the RED curtain.

and I do believe there were lots of swirlies and hearts scribbled on the back too. we'd only been dating for seven months and so we couldn't keep our hands off of each other. I can't believe that was fifteen years ago. folks, I think I might be old. I'm old. or, thinking about how long ago this was makes me feel old. because it feels like it was only a couple of years ago that we were slipping behind that short polyester curtain. all the mall-going people walking by with their shopping bags, on the way to the dollar theatre or the food court. gawking at the lower halves of our bodies and wondering what we were up to in there. that's right, NO GOOD.

feast your eyes:

ticky tacky
my house is cuter than yours
I'm channeling doris day
cult of degan
a_bird (sewn with gold threads)
meegan blue
slim whitman
aj fabulous
mati rose (and also this one, which was the lovely mati rose's SPT this week, but I heart it and thus I share it)
photographic tendencies (another one originally meant for SPT but I had to post it up, too good not to)


  1. soooo cute!
    no matter how old you think you are, you are YOUNG at heart, you lovebirds!

  2. I love this week's photo ~ perfect theme. I found a photo and posted it on my blog this week!

  3. so cute! naughty naughty love birds!!! (and is it safe to say this was during Ward's Prince days?)

  4. Oh, I'm so jealous that you two have such a documented history together! And this is a sweet picture. You're right, photobooth kisses are extra sweet.

    And Andrea, you may be "old", but you've been drinking from the fountain of youth!

  5. I put up the only photobooth pic that I could find on Flickr. It's lovely. It's over 10 years old as well.

  6. You two are incredibly cute! And not old, not at all! Now go get yourselves in a booth and take new kissing photos, complete with hearts and swirls!!

    (We're all thining the same thing - I posted K I S S I N G photos too!)

  7. I've been to Forest Fair Mall! I bought my favorite-ever red suede cowboy boots at the now-defunct Parisian there back when I was first married and living in Cincinnati. It feels weird to see a photobooth Friday shot from someplace that feels "hometowny" to me.

    Just wanted to delurk to let you know how fun I think the photobooth Friday posts are!

  8. Ha ha! Up to NO GOOD ! Ward's hair looks...well, interesting! i agree with julia, I love that you guys have such history together!
    {p.s. I got mine up now, you need to go see cuz' you're gonna flip!}

  9. Photobooth kisses are the BEST!!! Andrea...be prepared to be scared. I posted a photobooth friday...of the SCARIEST picture of me ever. Check it!

  10. Love the kissing photo! It's fantastic to have such fun pictures from when you were first together. Doesn't time just fly? Mine's up too!

  11. i didn't post kissing but i did post a heart! i'm feeling all behind...sheesh!

    happy day


  12. aww, that's nice. and mine's up!

  13. that is so 1991! Hah! I love the rings on all your middle fingers. And ward's hair. I totally wish I had those moments with Joel back somedays. The days when it was "just us" and nothing else mattered. thanks for the flash back.

  14. ha! so sweet! those carefree "so-in-love" days. this picture is such an excellent example of that feeling. if you are old, i must be ancient.

  15. I think when you meet your permanent lov-errrrrrrrrr it's impossible to keep your hands off. LOVE IT.

  16. this is so cute! i have more girl friends being crazy in the booth than smooches, hmmmm..... all the more reason to continue the hunt for booths.
    posted mine.

  17. OOOOh you two are hot!! Were & still are. You are such an inspiration always, ms. andrea! Love your take on life!

  18. oh it's good. so good - the red curtain is amazing.....

    i am loving these!!!

  19. These are awesome! I am so loving this series you are doing.
    I actually dug up a few photobooth pictures this week as i was cleaning the house and am thinking of joining the fun-