07 October 2005

goodbye little blue

ezra got his cast off this morning. they took to him with a scary-looking (and horrible-sounding) electric saw and off it came. oh sure, it looks all new and spiffy and blue in the above photo but by the time we got through with it, it was all stained and stinky and covered with drawings and scribbles and signatures. those cute little baby toes were filthy and I do believe I found the sad remnants of a green pea inside. when the technician finally finished cutting it off of his leg (which he sat unbelievably still for), the ez looked at me and furrowed his brows. and then, without taking his eyes off of me for even one second, he began to scratch. and scratch and scratch and SCRATCH. I have never seen him scratch, didn't even know if he knew how to scratch and there he was, putting those little fingers to serious work-- so serious that it required the pensive furrowing of the baby brow. and you know that it must have felt SO GOOD.

he won't walk on it, not just yet (which the doc told me to expect). she showed me the x-ray where the new bone had already grown back, all strong and white. the human body, man. is it not the most amazing thing? last week, ward and I watched incredulously as ezra finally mastered walking with the cast on. I'm telling you, it was a SIGHT TO SEE. before that, he just dragged it around (though he never, ever let it slow him down, never let it stop him from doing anything). by the end of this week, he was practically running... peg-legging it around the joint like some crazy superhuman toddler creature. and now, he must start all over. though I am certain it won't be long before he is once again scaling furniture and racing from room to room as fast as his growing little baby legs will carry him.


  1. i love that he KNEW to sit still for the removal [i'm sure the scary noise is a big hint, but still...] and that you describe the scratching so well... hee hee

    yay! back to jumping!!

  2. Oh it must have felt amazing to him, the poor kid! I remember that feeling. I broke my arm in sixth grade, and when the cast came of that sensation on my skin--of scratching--was incredible...

    Can I just say, your photo album of Italy made me sooo full of wanderlust. I went to florence in 1997 when I lived in Germany for a year.. And florence, well, you said it right. It stole my heart too. I'd live there in a heartbeat if I could. Your pictures were so beautiful. I loved the shots of you or him looking out windows & waving. So romantic!

  3. Amanda and I are very happy to hear the Easy E is back in action... though I have to admit, reading your description of it makes me wish I could have seen him moving around with the cast on...

    ... and I think peas have a super long shelf life

  4. yay! :) be carfeul little---i mean, no---big guy!

    im loving all your personal stories, the italy set brought me back--and forward (i'll be going again summer 2006-i also went on a study abroad trip the summer i was 19!)

    such a beautiful family! :)

  5. yeah, hopefully he hasn't forgotten how to walk! Keep us up to date.

  6. so sorry to have missed the occasion! i too remember the scary cast saw when I had mine removed in 3rd grade--I was certain they would take off a piece of my arm! I sat so still just waiting to feel the buzz!

    cant wait to see the guy without it!

  7. Awe. I can totally see the scratching thing, how precious. I just picture Owen... you are strong mom!

  8. I LOVED that picture--and that he was wearing all blue from head to toe!! I can't stop picturing what that little "pea remnant" must have looked like, and the toe jam must have been unbelievable! hahaha. So glad he's got two little working, strong legs back. Yeah for ezra.

  9. Did I miss a post? I didn't realized Ezra was in a cast...the scratching thing is adorable

  10. yay! yay ezra! it shows his strong character not crying from the fear of that scary saw! and the scratching is hilarious!

  11. thanks for all the well-wishing, folks. much appreciated!

    christina- I broke my arm in the 4th grade and i also remember (vividly) what it felt like when my cast came off... my arm felt incredibly light and the skin was so gross-looking!... so glad you enjoyed all my words and photos of italy! thank you so much for your kind words. and yeah, I can totally see myself living there (firenze!), too.

    jared-- yes, it's too bad you didn't get to see the ez hobbling around on his cast...

    klahd- it happened rather quickly and he only had the cast on for three weeks (fractured his right tibia). don't worry- all you really missed was me going on and on about it.