21 October 2005

friday five

oh people. I do believe I feel a meme coming on. several of them are floating around out there and though I have not been officially tagged, I. CANNOT. RESIST. my school girlyness is showing like so much frilly underwear. memes like this one and this one are just BEGGING for me to come out and play.

ah, but not today. instead, I feel like seeing what five songs come up first when I set my ipod on shuffle. why? because the checkbook needs to be balanced and if I do this I can put off doing that for AT LEAST another hour. can't have any sort of responsible behavior seeping into my life now, can I? first five songs that really truly came up:

jazz (a tribe called quest)
finally we are no one (mum)
one way or another (blondie)
I wanna be your lover (prince)
put the lights on the tree (sufjan stevens)

wow, I could do this all day. maybe I will.


  1. oh that seems better than anything i have to do on my list.... sigh.... :)

  2. Who is Sufjan Stevens? Another blogger I enjoy reading, dasslereffect.stlouisblogs.com, just wrote about his recent St. Louis concert. What am I missing?

  3. No it's dassler.stlouisblogs.org.

  4. Oh, he's a wonderful musician! I love Sufjan Stevens. You can check out his site HERE. I highly recommend him to anyone.

  5. you are so lucky to have an ipod! i don't so i will play using itunes party shuffle k?

    rudolf the red nose reindeer, gene autry
    suite no. 1 in g major - allemande - yehuda hanani
    stay away - nirvana
    ave maria - neville brothers
    why - meat puppets

  6. Hey sweetie!

    Please Please Please!! Get a feedburner or RSS for your bloggie, mmkay? Ward has a feedburner and I've figured out how to add it to My Yahoo page. I'd like to add yours as well. It should be free, and it will help me keep up with you and the babies (who I dreamt about last night).

    Amy (the sis-in-law)

  7. Ooooh, I will have to tag myself with a meme today! Unfortunately my hands have never touched the ipod, my husband got it for Christmas and Ive never seen it since. Therefore I cannot participate in this fun little game...

  8. Gold!-Part 2 - "Bounce" broadway soundtrack
    Somebody Bad Stole De Wedding Bell - Eartha Kitt
    Love Rain - Jill Scott
    Lonely Hours - Sarah Vaughn
    Jimi Diggin Cats - Digable Planets

    Um...I promise you that my other shuffles aren't this gay.

  9. Better late than never...because I can't resist lists:

    Combat Baby - Metric (awesome new band I just saw in concert!)

    Vicious - Lou Reed (I love how fey Lou Reed's stuff is...)

    Smells Like Happiness - Hidden Cameras (Canadian gay rock band)

    Just One of Those Things - Jerry Goldsmith (score from Six Degrees of Seperation)

    Last Christmas - Wham! (Ha ha!!! guilty pleasure!)

  10. nance- this is another one of ward's discoveries... you know how it is for me-- I am just along for the ride (musically speaking). I think you would like him and I will send you some of his stuff... I must check out that st. louis blog.

    jan- I do feel so lucky to have that ipod... it was a TOTAL impulse buy with christmas money last year. I was skeptical of it at first (ward had to talk me into it) but now I ABSOLUTELY love it. it is a thing of beauty. hey, and thanks for playing along... what a list you had!

    amy- ward has set me up with a feedburner, thanks for reminding me! hey, what were your dreams about?

    lulu- well, I have more access to the ipod than you do, though ward is still in total control of it...!

    klahd- I CAN'T BELIEVE I MISSED YOU WHILE YOU WERE HERE. crap. you know I love your gay list.

    justin- I know! I can't resist lists either. I'm convinced it's a sickness of sorts. thanks for playing. I always love to see what you're listening to.

  11. Okay ... it's not Friday ... it's Monday morning, and this is the first 5 songs out of my media player ... as documented on my last.fm site - www.last.fm/user/SlimWhitman/
    - so it's there for all to see:
    1. More Than This by Roxy Music off the LP, Avalon
    2. Best of Both Worlds by Robert Palmer off the LP, Double Fun
    3. Hansel & Pretzel by Henri Rene' and His Orchestra off the LP, Cocktail Mix Vol. 1 - Bachelor's Guide To The Galaxy
    4. Around The World In A Day by Prince off the LP with the same name
    5. Check It Out by John Mellencamp off the LP, The Lonesome Jubilee

    Interestingly enough, I don't know if I could have run the gamut any better if I'd done so intentionally.

    Anyway, thanks for playing.

  12. slim-- as always, so interesting! it's fun isn't it? to see what randomly comes up. really, I could do it all day.