03 October 2005

I'm all itchy


I don't know what it is, but I'm itchy to travel. ward would tell you that I am ALWAYS itchy to travel, but I am telling you-- I'm itchier than normal. maybe it's the monday blahs, maybe it's the onset of fall, but I'm one step away from packing up to go and see and do. I suspect it may also have something to do with the fact that six years ago today ward and I were in italy. it may also have something to do with the fact that I have not been alone for more than 24 hours in two years (that's 730 days, folks...YES, I'VE DONE THE MATH), since october of 2003 (when the above photo was taken). a week before I learned that I was pregnant with ezra, I went to visit my brother von in new york where I spent three glorious days wandering the city, taking dance classes, hitting up street markets and staying out late. it was the shizz (oh yes it was) though I couldn't quite figure out why I was so exhausted the entire time. I was RIDICULOUSLY tired and sleepy and couldn't seem to keep up. oh man, it's happening. I'm getting old (which is what kept telling myself that weekend). turns out I was just pregnant. after the news sunk in, I remember feeling so glad that I had taken that trip. originally, I'd felt guilty leaving ward and ava for three days-- it had been a last minute opportunity and I was out the door before anyone even knew what was happening. it felt so good to go like that, on a whim. no time to agonize over money, no time to worry and what-if myself to death.

I'm thirsty for new landscapes and unfamiliar places, ready to wander. missing my bro, too (yo vinnie). too bad there's not an ointment for this condition. okay, yeah-- actually, there is-- it's of the 'dig-up-cash-from-wherever-you-can-find-it-and-get-a-really-cheap-ticket-on-priceline-and-then-crash-on-the-floor-of-said-brother's-joint-in-queens' variety. new york is calling.


  1. Take Benadryl for itchiness and Delta for travel. Love the picture. I've been to Atlanta. I'll be back.

  2. It has a name - wanderlust. There's no cure, but there are brief periods of remission.

  3. scratch the itch! scratch it!!

    loved your tribute to your friend nancy too... just so darn sweet and true!

  4. ohhhh ho ho hoooo. i recognize this itch alll too well!! wish i could pack up and leave somewhere with you, we would have a time at some flea markets together andrea!! (like, italy perhaps?)

  5. Let's ditch the kids and leave for NY together! I'm sure Ava could hold down the fort, yes?

  6. I love NYC! If traveling means taking time off work - COUNT ME IN.

  7. you kids are down south, right? drive up through maryland and crash a night at our pad in baltimore!

  8. first off - LOVE LOVE LOVE that photo! i feel like such a graffiti vampire. and i hear you loud and clear on the itchy thing. and new york - OMG! don't think anymore - just go and then come back and make us sooooooo jealous. (easy for me to say)!

  9. i love that graffiti shot. i feel you on itchiness.i have still never ever been to NYC. i've seen the skyline and driven through but never been. it's pretty pathetic, i know. i want to go see that city just how you described it.

  10. New York!!! Aaargh I want to go! The season is changing here and I remember the lovely change of season there. Wandering the streets, having some pavement side food at a deli with an old friend. Chat chat chat, feel the late sun on my face and the slight chill on my body. Looking at the tall buildings, the trees, the people, the park. It's memories that make me want to go and travel, do it again, see it again, discover new things, looking with eyes fresh. Now I'm itching!!

  11. windfall woman- great prescription, thank you.

    nancila- yes, wanderlust. oh the wanderlust.

    lisa- I'm fixin to scratch it, alright.

    jenny- I have a strong feeling that we would have a BALL at any (and all) fleamarkets...! especially italy!

    ward- that is not even funny. appealing, yes. funny, no.

    glam jo- I hear you.

    sweetney- we just might take you up on that sweet offer.

    jan- if I go, I will do my best to bring back goodies and photos for everyone to drool over, PROMISE.

    meridith- I just KNOW you're going to get there... no question. and I bet you'll see the city with the same eyes that I do.

    karin- sorry to have passed the itch on to you (ha), though you sound like you appreciate the city just as much as I do...