10 April 2020




I spent a few hours alone at the high museum. five floors of art from around the world and I spent half the time watching people walk in and out of those frames. up and down, around and around, as if in a trance. 


  1. Once
    I did this same thing. After flying onto Atlanta on my way to my grandmamas funeral in Montgomery, AL. In January. And on the way flying in, learned that all of the southeast was shut down due to ice. All flights cancelled for days. And so stranded in Atlanta my husband picked a fancy hotel for me (based upon the bathroom because he knows me so well) while I was trapped on the tarmac and everyone else was jamming up the internet to do the same, and I rode the light rail into the city. And I walked (precariously on ice) around downtown to a fancy restaurant where I ordered a steak dinner and creme brulee. The next day carried myself to the high museum wearing all the same clothes because my luggage was lost some where in the in betweens. It was a magical place. A place where for the first time ever I saw a marble statue in person and it brought tears to my eyes. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my entire life.

    1. thank you, thank you so much for this. cannot tell you just how much I loved reading every word.