17 September 2019


signs fall is coming:

goldenrod wild along the highway
negligible difference between falling leaves and passing butterflies
(cannot tell the difference until the very last minute)
soup, I want to make soup


  1. So with you on the soup! Yesterday I made celery soup, earlier this week a mishmash of veg in broth, all served with my husband's soda bread slathered with butter! All about the rib sticking food at this time of year :-) Still so many butterflies in our garden, all drunk on fermenting windfall apples and pears on the grass that I don't have the heart to compost when the flutterbys are still partying so hard! Still checking in with you every day, as much part of my routine as cleaning my teeth, thank you, thank you, thank you :-)

    1. sooo many butterflies, I am loving it. and soup is my thing, so totally my thing, even though I am a summertime girl, through and through. humbled and honored you read every day! thank you for the encouragement! sometimes I wonder what I'm doing here.