04 September 2019


things seen today in new orleans:

tiny hand-painted matchboxes
tiny pink blooms on our courtyard table, like confetti
two men in wide-brimmed straw hats, holding cameras, taking pictures
a dragonfly resting on top of a woman's teased head of hair while she read a book, completely unaware
bright orange koi in the little courtyard fountain 
the brightest, orangest house I have ever seen in my life
magnolia branches and pillowy clouds, as I floated on my back in the pool
a clawfoot tub filled with flowers
a somber chorus of ghost bikes
a wall full of books and light 
a wall full of whiskey bottles and light
a bright red sock near the bus stop
a bright red street car on st. claude 
a trashcan with the words 'you deserve to be here' scribbled on top


  1. Replies
    1. ended up seeing it a few different places (photos forthcoming, natch)