15 July 2019


things that happened today (it was a hard day) after I officially gave up:

hard cider found me, around two in the afternoon 
(poured it into a mug so as to give the impression I was having a nice cup of tea)
a cardinal landed on the lower branch of a tree in back, which I did take as a hopeful sign
two gulf fritillary butterflies made their way through my garden and I wished for one to land on my hand, I wished so hard 
(I wanted another sign, the cardinal was not enough)
the world took on a weight I knew existed but had not felt in a while
the floor called my name, so I went to it
(the floor feels glorious when you've given up)
the questioning found me, I fell into that too
(questioned everything, including this ridiculous list project)
broke down, texted the friend who is maybe (probably) not really a real friend
took my foot off the proverbial brake, let the night glide to stillness
(and by this, I mean I baked a peach cobbler around ten, ate it while watching stranger things in the dark with the kids)

I will read this list one day and I will roll my eyes. I am sure of it.


  1. Lists are cathartic and so are a good eye roll 🙄

  2. Don't stop the list, I love the lists. Hugs to you!

    1. thank you, thank you so much-- I so appreciate the encouragement xx

  3. Hey Andrea. Hope today is better. Just keep going! I thought you might like this song, and this video, and this band. Lot of love, Jayne in England

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXvlzUCB74o (sorry, this is an old laptop and I can't remember my bitly password!)

    1. oh, goodness. thank you. it's just what I needed and I love omd to the moon and back. xo