02 November 2018


a list of possible titles for possible posts for this month of nablopomo november:

I Was That Mother Once

The Power Of The Stevies (Wonder, Knicks)

Let's All Move To Albuquerque

Books, Books Will Save Us

293 Sufjan Songs, Ranked

So My Kid Has A Writer In Him Fighting To Get Out

On Broken Kitchen Sink Pipes And Rage And The Unexpected Healing Power Of Clear Packing Tape

On Words That Are So Overused I Don't Even Know What They Mean Anymore

On Loving Cats That Will Lick The Dorito Dust Off Your Fingertips

They Can't All Be Beautifully Written Pieces, They Just Can't

On Coming Around To Cooking, Finally

On Lovingly Cultivating A Record Collection That Makes You Feel Alive Every Single Day

On The Belief That This Blog Is like The Little Cabin In The Woods I Come Back To Every Year

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