26 February 2014





the grape ape


not pictured: the bundle of small purple mums I treated myself to, the little bottles of purple nail polish I never got around to using, the grape popsicle I wanted (and the purple tongue it would have surely given me), the handful of purple houses I passed while the running of the errands (similar to the running of the bulls though not nearly as exciting), the lost prince 45 that was, of course, purple.

I will not lie. purple is not my favorite. but after this week, I don't know. I'm starting to come around.

(more purple over at color//colourlovers and over at xanthe's spot)

(meanwhile, we are knee deep in juicy, juicy orange)


  1. You inspired me to put together a red collection this week! Am loving all your color photos very, very much.

  2. Yes to the Purple one!! Prince is playing a VERY secretive tour here in the UK at the moment but it seems quite impossible to get a ticket, booh. By the way that picture above looks really similar to one I took of my own records a while back! (Though sadly Prince isn't amongst them) http://makedo-and-mend.blogspot.co.uk/2012/01/january-photo-day-part-1.html

    1. A good friend of mine was in the UK during Prince's recent tour and was able to get into 3 (!!!) of them, one night after the next! It was nuts. He's got connections, apparently.

  3. The grape ape donut was surely worth it, right? I can't wait to see what you do with orange. = )

  4. You always do greatttt thing! So Inspirable!!!

  5. I love that you included His Purple Majesty Prince. Oh, and the sweet sprinkled donuts were a good catch, too.