10 February 2014







friends, it's been a wild, wild week. still, I looked for pink. and found it, in both likely and unlikely places. not pictured: the seventeen shades of pink nail polish I wanted to buy at the drugstore, the old pink cadillac that lives in the neighborhood, the tiny pink paper umbrella I keep in my desk drawer, pink cheeks cold from the first big snow we've had here in portland in three years.

and there's one more pink thing. a special pink thing, my new favorite pink thing, maybe my favorite pink thing of all time. but I shall share that tomorrow.

(more pink over at color//colour lovers, a collaborative project with the spectacular ms. xanthe)


  1. nice! thanks for pinking up my day :)

  2. Show me more PINK!... surely it can't be any better than this bunch of goodies here xxxxx

  3. Voodoo Doughnuts!! When my dad took doughnuts home from Portland, the flight crew kept making hints that they would need to confiscate them :)