01 December 2013


nablopomo, done. for the first time ever, done. I am maybe not cut out for this daily posting thing but I love how it pushes me. maybe I'll ride this habit a lil longer. maybe I'll see what comes of it.

december is calling, friends. 2014 is not far behind.


  1. Mee Too, High Five! For me NaBloPoMo teaches me one of those things that I feel like I have to keep learning over and over throughout my life, that when I am most busy I am most productive. When I struggle and can't figure out why I can't get a simple task done, it's probably because I don't have enough other deadlines and responsibilities at the time. Yeah, not all of my posts were A1 material, but if you had asked me ahead of time if I would be able to post daily to my blog, to instagram daily, keep up walking 10,000 steps daily, go to work, AND put out dozens of orders in the mail for the holiday season, I would have said no way. I also hope to keep posting and try to remember that smaller little posts happen much easier than trying to accumulate a bunch of things for one larger post. The larger posts never seem to happen and then I neglect posting a bunch of things I really wanted to share.