27 August 2013

instant lab FTW

a few months ago, the impossible project sent me an early version of their new instant lab to do a little testing.

instant lab shots!

and test it I did. I tested my little heart out, shot after shot after shot.

if you haven't heard, the impossible project has come up with a fantastic new contraption that seamlessly blends the worlds of iphoneography and instant photography together. people, it's like peanut butter and chocolate.

there she is

there she is. and lemme tell you, she's a beaut. if you're wondering how she works, you should probably look at this (since the impossible folks explain it much better than I ever could) but basically, you set your iphone in that there cradle at the top, open up the impossible project app, follow the directions and let the instant lab do the rest. when it's all said and done, an instant image shoots out there at the bottom. magic.

(above image originally taken with my iphone 4 somewhere in the great state of montana, while traveling by train, summer 2012, made into an instant image back in may with some PX 680 film and the trusty instant lab).

(above image originally taken with my iphone 3g at the portland junior rose parade back in june of 2011, enter the impossible project app, some PX 680 film, the instant lab and poof: an image forever preserved on instant film).

I'm telling you, it's the best of both worlds.

and more

the possibilities are really quite endless. think double exposures, think different kinds of instant film, think images taken with any kind of camera.

but I think what excites me most is the way this will crack the world of instant photography wide open. all of the sudden, every image I ever wish I'd taken with my polaroid (instead of my iphone) can be preserved on instant film. in the above image, I can remember standing over ava at that hotel pool in san luis obispo. it was the summer of 2011, we were on our way back from los angeles and I'd run out of instant film. and I was standing over her, looking at the frame in my phone and I just knew. I knew it'd be so much better on instant film, so much better. never thought I'd get the chance to find out. as it turns out, I did.

like peanut butter and chocolate, friends. match made in heaven.

(for more instant lab information, start here and then read fellow instant photographer jake messenger's terrific piece)


  1. SO interesting! My head is spinning just a bit from thinking about all the possibilities.
    P.S. I adore that last shot!

  2. oooooooooOOOOOOooooo

    i say this with wiggling eyebrows. love the shots!

  3. Oh wow! I need this like I need air. When? How much? I need this ASAP!

    Absolutely FTW!!!

  4. Omg. How amazing is this?! I love it.

  5. I remember seeing the kickstarter for this but thought it was just a daylab for the new Impossible Project film, I had no idea that it could be used with your iphone pictures! Kickstarter is right, I'm kicking myself now for not jumping on this earlier. This is SO COOL!

  6. I knew you'd make this contraption even more amazing!

    I got mine in the mail earlier this week and I love love love it and can't wait to do more. This is my favorite so far: http://www.flickr.com/photos/notcalm/9601193133/

    Have a lovely weekend, my friend. xo

  7. but how do we PRESERVE Polaroids?

  8. so, so good. i was just having some fun with a magnifying glass at the museum yesterday :)

  9. Ah, maaan! The nerdy Android users (like me) always get left out! Well, at least my hubby has an iphone...I guess I know what he'll be getting (and I'll be using) for his birthday! ;)


  10. Me likie. OH YEAH, me likie, me wantie!

  11. love love love! i just reviewed the SP-1 instax printer but now i want this one!