16 August 2013


I'm officially off my game. as in, the words aren't coming. as in, they're hazy and lazy and just out of reach. the images are there but the words caught the first bus for the coast. or, somewhere I am not. to be fair, it's summer. and I will tell you that I wrote that manifesto and then I dug my heels in, kids. I dug my heels in deep. I will be the last one holding onto summer, fists clenched, gaze set.

I am no stranger to the ebb and the flow (I am maybe the queen of the ebb and the flow) but something about this feels different. I can't put my finger on it exactly but it has everything to do with change. and the deep-rooted need for it. what that means, I don't know. but change is in the air. nothing to do but open my arms to it, as deep and as wide as I can manage. nothing to do but brace myself for impact.


  1. What's life without a bit of ebb and flow Hula? Though I'd prefer more flow than ebb, it has to be said. Hard to come by of late.

  2. I know exactly what you mean.

  3. You're not off your game. You're just maybe in the middle of a game change. :) This time of year can be so change-y too. Weather, school, reminders of passing time and growing kids. Okay now I'm going to cry. Wishing you the best and curious to see what your path brings.

  4. Sometimes I feel I'm the ONLY one who isn't eagerly awaiting Fall. I LOVE SUMMER. With all my heart. And I never really want it to end. So I'll stand with you.