27 October 2011

list thirty-seven: currently loving

number thirty-seven
(number 14)

in no particular order:

1. bright-colored yarn tucked into the cracks of parisian sidewalks

2. small white bowls filled with candy corn

3. extraordinary photography projects

4. street artists who work magic with wheat paste and confetti

5. essie nail polish in light turquoise

6. krylon spray paint in neon pink

7. dances performed in the backs of trucks

8. films that beg to be seen

9. work that inspires again and again

10. sour cherry juice that is not really sour at all

11. brown leather wrist cuffs that never die

12. vintage snapshots that seem tender and brave

13. songs that slip in quietly through the back door and deliver the goods

14. 79 cent thrift store mugs that make everything better


  1. I'm loving these lists that keep popping up. They totally play into my nosy personality

  2. Hmm, Yes....that bup would make my day too...I have bead covers which are SO SO Similar to the print on your mug!!!

    Have a great weekend.

  3. love your lists and always turning me on to new and inspiring things! xo

  4. I love this post. I am OBSESSED with Essie, take a peek at my homage to my collection- http://www.flickr.com/photos/azureewiitala/6147676510/in/photostream

    Hah. And I love graffiti and confetti. What a mix!


  5. Woohoo... you sure do know how to make a list. Love it, thank you

  6. ...you've such a way with words, Andrea. normally I skim through lists but yours are so creative, inspiring and original that I come back for a re-read..and a think...


  7. Essie is the brand I "splurge" on every once in a while - they always have the best colors!

    And I LOVE the Dear Photograph project.


  8. i always love your lists....
    and i found some 2.99 tea mugs at marshalls that made everything in my life better...well at least they made my monday fabulous.

  9. ugh. what i wouldn't give to see that dance performance. :) awesome!

  10. what a great list ... I would add that I am loving your blog!

  11. I love, love, love your blog. I love your lists. I love your photos.....