20 October 2011

grey thursday


should you find yourself in a crowd of teenagers (particularly albanian teenagers), you'd be wise to whip out a polaroid automatic 100. I found this out the first day we visited one of the schools in gjilan. I took one shot and in a matter of seconds, found myself completely surrounded. the requests came at me from every angle and I shot until I ran out of film. or until it was time to go home, whichever came first.

there's magic in the moment you peel that film apart but even more so when you let them peel that film apart. and the way they look at that photograph and then the way they look at you when you tell them they can keep that photograph. that they can take it home and keep it forever.

I don't think I kept even one for myself. I really wanted to but I just couldn't. felt too good to give them all away.

(for poppytalk's autumn color week)


  1. that is so awesome of you. those kids are going to cherish those pictures for a long time, i bet ya!

  2. that is the most awesome way that polaroid cameras change lives! How cool. And beautiful photo

  3. So Awesome! I love this post!

  4. The thought of you using your talent in such a beautiful way - connecting globally from a place that brings so much joy is inspiring!

  5. This is entirely magical. Love!