13 January 2011

list thirty-two: work that inspired me in 2010

lift off

this is the work that kept me going, the work that made my heart beat a little faster, the work that blew the lid off. creatively speaking, that is:

1. espo's love letter murals

2. grupo de rua and the brilliant backwards running segment (and the seeing of this! oh the seeing of this! live and on stage)

3. the book let the great world spin by colum mcann

4. the work of my brother von (particularly mixed media)

5. maira kalman's show at the jewish contemporary museum in san francisco (the paint rags, they sort of killed me)

6. the rainbow painted favelas

7. q&a with an amazing 90 year-old anna halprin after a portland screening of breath made visible (90 year-old anna halprin WHO IS STILL DANCING)

8. the work of jordi ferreiro (particularly color spectrum and drawing the space)

9. the film everlasting moments (again and again, I am watching this)

10. the work of street photographer vivian maier and the story that continued (continues) to unfold

11. keri's smith's list how to feel miserable as an artist

12. the work of my brother nate (particularly remnant's know this)

13. the book learning to love you more by harrell fletcher and miranda july

14. the work of so many brilliant photographers

15. the film radiant child

16. the tightrope video by the incomparable janelle monae (restoring my faith in video choreography)

17. the book the rest is up to you by cohen morano with aye jay morano

18. the mexico city knitta please bus (well, knitta please in general and reason alone for me to take up knitting)

19. the work of my husband (endlessly overwhelmingly inspiring)

20. the let's colour project (yes please, let's)


  1. This list is like a beautiful song, a great book or an amazing film that I just didn't want to end.

  2. the last one is incredible! great list andrea...

  3. I have (willingly) lost an hour this morning to your lovely list!

    I have discovered that people can run backwards surprisingly gracefully and that I must pursue some lovely books and films (in particular the Basquiat one! I hope it has a UK release).

    Also, kudos on the lovely photograph - I love the way the hand is poised!


  4. What an inspiring list! Perfect to start this Friday with. And congratulations on number thirty-two, I like your project! Greetings from Paris!

  5. your blog is so beautiful. thanks for all the inspiration!

  6. This is a brilliant list! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharig.

  7. I just went to a Vivian Maier exhibit in Chicago yesterday. So! Good! Really, really good.

  8. Isn't Anna Halprin unbelievable? I met her two years ago, not long before her husband died (who, interestingly, had a lot to do with the landscape of the new Lucas buildings in the Presidio, which we will tour you around next time you're down - hopefully with Ward!).

    Vivian Maier has blown my head right off. I so want to be a street photographer now.

    Fantastic list.

  9. Thank you for this amazing list. I am taking in a few a day - like a box of Godiva. You are a wonder.

  10. Love, love love this list. Thanks so much for sharing.

  11. Great list idea, Andrea. A nice way to reflect positively on an old year while getting inspired for the next.

  12. OH, thank you so much! You have given us so many treasures to explore. Thank you!

  13. Andrea, long time reader here (my first post ever was your "poor 5" post about Ava turning 6! Anyway, I love love loved this entry, I felt so inspired just looking, especially at the love letter murals. I'm a huge fan of street art, and I just swooned looking at them. I thought I'd leave you with this in thanks, if you haven't seen it, which is love and street art, swimming pool style. WIN.


    Thank you for always been inspiring and awesome!


  14. andrea... thank you! i have had your list book marked and have just now sat down to peruse it. wow! so inspiring! i have only made it to #10 and just love what you have introduced me to. thank you for taking the time to share. you are awesomesauce! xo-jennette

  15. vivian maier just knocks my fucking socks off. seriously. i want to move to chicago and help that guy sort through everything.