14 January 2011

color therapy

unlikely places

two things today:

if you are hurting for color, I suggest you hop on over to poppytalk-- I've got the goods. weeks of grey on my horizon (weeks and weeks and weeks) so I am not even kidding around with this color therapy thing.

winter color week starts monday and I am so totally in I could not be more in if I tried. are you in? because it could be fun, you know.


  1. Oh my! Just learned of your blog via Kelly Rae...what a total delight! I love that you found beauty in a bunch of bins. And your photography is stunning! I'll be back for sure!

  2. I'm so in! This is my first time doing a Color Week so wish me luck.

  3. you are so good not to kid around with grey. in london and almost let the grey win. almost, I said. narrow escape. thanks for your photos. love the slow ones most of all.