08 December 2010

list thirty: things to do this december

list thirty

1. pull out the rest of the shiny brites.

2. bake the red velvet cake.

3. wear the teal tights.

4. sing along with sufjan.

5. eat clementines by the fire.

6. add to the forest.

7. play christmas records.

8. make salted caramels.

9. walk down peacock lane.

10. cut out paper snowflakes.

11. line the bathroom window sill with santas.

12. blast a little james brown.

13. blast a little jackson five.

14. celebrate a milestone birthday.

15. head downtown to see the big tree.

16. hit the photobooth.

17. build a little gingerbread house.

18. pinch the ends of the christmas tree branches.

19. wear the sap like perfume.

20. spend less, give more.

21. write about the list.

22. watch a charlie brown christmas.

23. allow a little couch-jumping.

24. stockpile candy cane joe joes.

25. hang mistletoe.

26. put oranges in the stockings.

27. make paper hats and confetti eggs.

28. turn off the lights and stare at the tree.

29. sing carols, sing praise.

30. hope for snow.


  1. happy december my december friend! now i wish to spend december there!

  2. heehee! stockpile candy cane joe joe's! I already am!

  3. i've just got to day that your posts are always uplifting. you write in a way that reminds me of times that have gone by. and your polaroids. amazing. i've been reading your blog for a long time, but i think just once i should say something about the joy you spread...thank you.

  4. I love this list, makes me think of so many fun things to do in December!

  5. do you have a fave salted caramel recipe? i am on the hunt & shash & i are caramel-ing this wknd for christmas prezzies :)

  6. This is such an awesome list! I love your Christmas tree forest, that is just too cool-looking.

  7. Your lists always make my day. Seriously grand and exciting holiday things to do. I love it.

  8. i LOVE lists and it excites me to see someone else who does also. i have a few things to add - or rather comment on specifically.
    #20 spend less give more. it is so true. and not just the whole side of it your link brings but the whole consumerism part of it


    and #24 candy cane joe joes can i say as a candy cane obsessed canuk that i would DIE literally if we actually had these here! or am i dumb and just don't know where to find them - i WOULD love for santa to bring me some of these for xmas!

  9. Your list sounds like lots of fun! I think I'll make a (smaller) list of my own.

  10. ah, the lists of hula. I've been missing them.

  11. sounds like a lot to do and a lot of fun too

  12. SUCH a good list. I'm inspired. :)

  13. I don't know what a candy cane joe joe is... to google I go.

    love the list.

  14. You have way too many cool Christmas traditions...can't wait to make some more of my own!

    Portland must be magical at Christmas.

    Keep being wonderful xx

  15. your lists are always so inspiring + a reminder of all the things i love about this month. thanks for sharing.

  16. I've lived here five years and never been to Peacock Lane! This is my year. And totally seconding you on the Joe-Joes. SO GOOD. I love this list!

  17. oh! and jenifer lake, I make super yummy salted caramels every year from this recipe: http://www.holidaytable.net/recipes/2063.htm

  18. Since there is no Peacock Lane near us, I guess I'll just have to snatch an extra box of Candy Cane Joe-Joes.

  19. This list makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Thank you for posting it, as various events in my life have made my Christmas spirit a bit more like Scrooge than Santa... So thank you for making me feel Christmas-y. :)

  20. What a beautiful list! It sounds like you will have a full and lovely December.

  21. Your blog helps me remisce on the happy memories of my childhood (80s&early 90s). This post particularly brings out the creative crafts kid in me. Thanks for sharing that.

    I particularly like 'spend less, give more' :)

  22. Confetti eggs = cascarones
    Been making them for years
    at Easter time. Fun fun fun
    for the old and young!

    Merry Merry and best wishes
    for our New Year.

  23. gorgeous vintage ornaments, a perfect subject for pola.
    wonderful christmas list, makes me realize I've got a lot to do.

  24. i am stockpilling candy cane joe joe's myself. and i am determined to get to peacock lane this year. determined, i say.

    for your sake, i will wish for snow. :)

  25. a most excellent list for december. hope it's a good one!

  26. Another great list hula seventy!
    Its amazing how fast December goes by. I am trying to learn to enjoy this great month, whether or not I get everything done on my own list, or not. Have a tendency to cram too much into one list. And just today was kinda kicking myself because I "didn't get it all done".
    After reading your post I got to thinking the point is not to put additional pressure on us to perform and accomplish but to help ourselves focus and recall what truly makes us happy.

    Merry Christmas!

  27. omg the candy cane jo jo's! and what a grand idea, the confetti eggs. :)