30 September 2010


workshop! in the mission! while I'm in san francisco for the show! graciously hosted by victoria of sfgirlbybay! and there's just no controlling my exclamation point usage! this is how excited I am! I've lost all control over rational punctuation!

moving on:

shooting through the viewfinder of a vintage camera with a digital camera is where old school brilliantly intersects with new. I first started experimenting with ttv technique back in 2006, wrote a little bit about it on ye olde blog in 2008 and taught my first through the viewfinder workshop at squam in 2009. serious fun, friends-- whether you're brand new to photography or not. in this workshop, we'll use old twin lens reflex cameras and digital cameras together to produce dreamy images with an authentic vintage aesthetic and lo-fi feel. once we've constructed the light-blocking contraptions this technique requires, we'll take our army of cameras out for a little photo walk. a photo walk in the mission, people. which is so perfect I can't even talk about it. but if you want, I can talk about it. I can talk about the color and the people and the murals and the buildings. I can talk about how in all my travels, the mission neighborhood has been one of my absolute favorite places to shoot. through the viewfinder photography plus the mission= special brand of magic.

so if you're interested in taking the workshop, here are the vitals:

date: sunday, october 24th

time: 11am-5pm

location: ferney art studios, 766 valencia street, second floor, san francisco, CA

you will need to bring:
a vintage twin lens reflex camera (i.e. kodak duaflex, argus seventy-five)

a digital camera (DSLR with 18-55mm standard kit lens or macro lens OR digital point and shoot with macro setting)

pen and paper (totally optional)

note: if you do not have a vintage twin lens reflex camera, do not freak out. they are easier to find than you might think. also, I'll have a variety of extra twin lens reflex cameras on hand for use.

cost: $75
to register, email me at hula70 [at] comcast [dot] net. I'll bill you via paypal and once I've received payment, your registration will be complete and your spot in the workshop secured. space is limited to 12 participants so if you want in on the fun, do not wait.

(extra special thanks to victoria of sfgirlbybay for organizing and hosting and to jordan ferney of oh happy day for the space-- thank you, thank you, thank you)


  1. i REAAALLY wish i lived anywhere near San Fran, i would be there in a heartbeat! sounds like a very fun class! good luck! :)


  2. I hope you come back to Squam and teach that. I would take it in a heartbeat! xo, Meghan

  3. sounds like fun. too bad i am on the other coast.

  4. I wish I could be there! I bet it would be so much fun!

  5. this class was my absolute favorite at squam! so happy for those who get to join you in san francisco.

    (and people, it's worth traveling for.)

  6. I want in too...I just sent an email.

  7. OH man! I wish I lived near SF! :( It sounds awesome!

  8. Am very jealous of anyone that lives close enough to attend this, I've always wanted to give it a go but am a little unsure of where it start.

  9. Oh my gosh... if I were in CA I would TOTALLY come to this. But alas, I live in the ATL. So I guess I will live vicariously through one of the attendees. Oh wait. I don't know any of them...

  10. oh how i wish i could join in. but i cant. im in japan!
    p.s discovering your blog, reading your words and seeing the world though your view finder sort of changed my life. thnx xox

  11. It's going to be great! Congrats on your show too - how wonderful! And the Mission is one of my favorite places to shoot too.

  12. thanks so much for the kind words, everyone! excited for those of you who signed up... we're going to have so. much. fun. seriously. and for those who live far away-- who knows? I might take this thing on the road and end up at a city near you. here's hoping. xo

    monkeygirl23-- wanted to teach at squam this year but it just didn't work out... perhaps sometime in the future?

    natty, the ATL is my hometown! lived there 16 years-- 1992-2007! am totally planning on doing a ttv workshop in the coming year! stay tuned!

    ronit-- soooo great to meet you last saturday! such a pleasure. thanks so much for coming out! xo

  13. dang, wish I wasn't so far away, that would be great fun! hope it goes well.

  14. If you ever teach a workshop here at home (Portland area) I'll be there with bells on. lol

    I dabble in TTV, but admit I haven't fully gotten the hang of it.