12 February 2010

list five: words I love

mostly for the way they sound. or the way they look on paper.

1. cerebral
2. languid
3. electric
4. phosphorescent
5. cerulean
6. luminous
7. preposterous
8. kinesthetic
9. bohemian
10. vinyl
11. aquamarine
12. bambino
13. cheeky
14. peripatetic
15. starlight
16. vernacular
17. mambo
18. rouge
19. vintage
20. betwixt
21. exuberant
22. brilliant
23. catapult
24. maudlin
25. spectacular
26. tangerine
27. italiano
28. shrill
29. ranunculus
30. hustle
31. lush

(five down, forty-seven to go)


  1. LOVE this! And I find myself constantly composting this very same blog post as I go through my day, like: "THAT word's definitely on the list." My whole life is a list of favorite words!

    But then I never do the blog post.

    My favorites of your favorites: cheeky, vernacular, hustle, and lush.


  2. I think I just typed "composting" instead of "composing." Did I do that?

    But, actually, I do like "composting" better. Ts always feel good on the tongue. One of my favorite letters!


    And PS? Most obscene letter? B. Totally B.

  3. 5, 19 and 26 are my favorites

  4. Cool list. One of my all time favorites is Scrumptious.

  5. Great list! Like #12, 18, 21 best

  6. WOW...that's quite the list...love it!

  7. tweeze, clunky, marsh.
    great list!

  8. great list. I think my favorite word is hullabaloo :)

    for words that make me laugh after I get upset - horseshit!

  9. Nice! I like defenestrate, aboulia, and unctuous.

  10. i love the list. might just have to do my own now.

  11. it sounds boring...but "new york" (no uppercase) is really fun to write in cursive. i used to doodle it all the time on my notebooks =]

    ps-lovely list of words!

  12. Your site brings me so much joy; I am so happy I found it! I love this concept and would like to try it myself.

  13. My favourite word is "montagne" (mountain - a la francaise) !

    Happy Valentine's Day!


  14. i, too, love the word languid. it was the word i chose for my first synophotography post {a photo collaboration i do with my twin sister}: http://itsjusthowiseethings.blogspot.com/2009/07/synonymous-languid.html

    i just happened upon your magnificent blog via a link on another blog. i absolutely love it here. it was an instant fave space that i know i will want to revisit.

    and i love love love your lists posts.

  15. I absolutely love this. Too funny.

  16. I know. They are clearly not used enough. I also like rapprochement - mostly because it sounds so much smoother than it looks. Oh, and iridescent.

  17. Oooh, I love this list! (I'm visiting from the link on Marvelous Kiddo.) These are all so wonderful to roll around in your mouth.

    Another favorite of mine is 'vestibule'. And when I was in junior high, I made some of my (then) favorites into a phrase to utter whenever I needed a pick-me-up: A Batch of Crisp Chunks.

    Still makes me happy. Which could be one very good reason why I was never cool in junior high...

  18. i love this list! cerulean is such a beautiful word.

    shenanigans and smithereens are two of my all time favorites, with incandescence and menagerie not far behind.

  19. These words just roll off my tongue. Thank you for the lovely diversion!


  20. first off, we need to be friends! <3

    secondly, i've been compiling a list of fantastic words for some time, and let's just say the overlap is rad!

    every wednesday i post 10 amazing words, but the full list can be found here: <a href="http://docs.google.com/View?id=dd4tfzqq_43htj3jzc2>fantastic words</a>

  21. i love the word pell-mell;
    also , thank you so much ! your blog makes me very happy indeed !you are right there in my list of happy blogs :O)
    love maggie,in england

  22. I have always loved : Colloquial and deride