19 October 2009

sunday's list

1. walk outside.

2. stand directly in sun for approximately 2-3 minutes.

3. hurry into house as sky turns dark.

4. wait for rain, contemplate productivity.

5. consume reasonable amount of banana bread instead.

6. unpack suitcases from squam and new york. finally.

7. ignore feelings of inadequacy.

8. press on.

9. marvel at sight of cleared bedroom floor. declare victory.

10. lay on bed, celebrate.

11. spend several hours fulfilling motherly duties.

12. collapse onto big green couch. fall deeply in love with green couch.

13. watch bad horror movie on cable television with husband.

14. regret said decision.

15. suddenly remember daily posting thing.

16. come up with lame list.

17. sheepishly post list 42 minutes before midnight.


  1. loving #7 and even more so #10 since I do that as well after a victorious sweet of cleaning my bedroom...like you just want to soak it all in before it starts the cycle all over again...

  2. I didn't find your list lame. #7 especially spoke to me this morning.

  3. cute list! a green couch sounds quite nice!

  4. 18. be instantly loved by adoring readers.

    i love your lists. so glad to see you posting!

  5. This may be my most favorite list of yours!

    and with a word verification of "smusies"... how can today not go well?

  6. brilliant. adore your list and blog. gracias.

  7. i love it! makes my day sound much more normal!

  8. I'm so in touch with the bedroom thing. I need to use this as a spur to get mine done.

  9. I love your list! I think that's one ideal and relaxing way of spending Sunday .. to not stress ourselves too much... love it!


  10. I am your kiwi list buddy, you gotta love lists... for some reason 1 2 and 3 gave me a chuckle?

  11. I *heart* lists...whatever they say ...xo