23 October 2009

number 26

(nate and von)

number 26 off the list and I sort of can't believe it. because when I put this one on the list I thought, yeah. probably not going to happen. this is because trips to new york feel that much more impossible now that we live on the west coast. but sometimes I put things on the list that feel impossible. like number 12 and number 37. speaking of which, I came so close to crossing number 12 off the list while I was in new york. so. close. I can't even talk about it.

but number 26. that's something. and solid proof that there's power in list-making.

1 comment:

  1. Andrea - I love your lists! And have just been inspired to make my own... I have the 3-0 looming in January - so now I think I'm going to make the 29 before 30 list... so that I can start doing instead of dreading!! :) THANK YOU!