29 July 2009


"I think of dancing as being movement, any kind of movement. And that it is as accurate and impermanent as breathing."

to the modern dance giant who saw all movement as dance-- a man stepping off a curb, a woman jiggling her foot impatiently, a bird arching its bony shoulders-- merce cunningham, you will be missed.



  1. Amen, I've started watching people's gates after I learned about Merce's ideas of movement. I've found a lot of great dancers walking the streets!

  2. you were the second person i thought of when i heard this news. the first was a woman i worked for who was an ardent supporter of the arts with her money, her time and her enthusiasm. She was great friends with many giants-- Rauschenberg, Twyla and Merce. I'm reminded now, how great that job was, working for her..with her. But, you, whom I don't even know, was the second person I thought of. You're unbridled love of "movement" has been quite apparent to me.

  3. oh thank you for posting the link so i could hear him. yes. thank you. what a beautiful man.


  4. such a loss. pina bausch and merce cunningham in just a few weeks. my goodness!

  5. magnificent. these are wonderful. I am in love with all three photos. how different each one is and how full of life and personality. wish I were there to see it.