07 May 2009

parties are better when flowers are involved

day three of polaroid week and the party is in full swish.


  1. o my gosh, is that Ava girl?

    beautiful set. I have to say, I am totally frustrated with my polaroids this time around and feel like I am wasting the film with every attempt. I think I will just visit your stream and enjoy taking it in instead of trying to capture it myself.

  2. flowers + sangria = party. loving your polaroid party, andrea!

  3. Nice shots Andrea.
    And blue skies are for losers! And everyone else, you're right.

  4. gorgeous polaroid is wonderful!

  5. This may be weird, but I think you might appreciate it, so whatever.

    On Facebook they have this thing called Pieces of Flair which are basically pictures of anything and everything that you can "stick" to your profile. I typed in "photobooth" to find different pictures of them, AND YOUR FACE POPPED UP!

    That's right, one of your photobooth Fridays had been turned into a Piece of Flair! Isn't that nifty?