28 September 2007

photobooth friday

oh photobooth friday, I have missed you. I just needed a little break from you, that's all. nothing personal. but look at what I have to offer today! steeped in the good and bound to make up for my less-than-stellar weekly participation: a mother-in-law that defies all laws of mother-in-lawness. what I mean is, she's the coolest. and I promise I'm not just saying this because she is reading or because I'm trying to score brownie points. it's just truth and when something is true you say it, you put it out there because you want people to know. so there it is: my mother-in-law is the coolest. and one of my biggest cheerleaders, one of my closest friends plus so loving that you can't help but want to be around her. I sort of hit the jackpot with her and I know it (I've always known it) and now's the time to tell the world. carlene, you're the coolest.

and cuter than cute, cuter than a hundred fluffy bunnies wearing kicky little berets: she was nervous getting into the photobooth. it was one of the first things we all did together back when she visited in august and she was genuinely excited about the whole thing, she was. but she was nervous-- partly because she's only seen the inside of a photobooth maybe once or twice in her life but also because she's been following photobooth friday since the very beginning. she was afraid she wouldn't do it right, that she wouldn't make the right faces or maybe somehow mess the whole strip up. something about this just makes me want to hug her tight and throw a little love party in her honor. but checkit, she's a natural. plus, she's as fun in real life as she looks here. and take a look at this-- ward and carlene were so cute in the booth together, I wanted to cry.

okay I don't even know if one hundred fluffy bunnies wearing berets is the standard for cute. I don't know. I'm pretty sure it might be creepy. but you know what I mean. with all the cuteness, that is.

just look at what I've been missing out on:

nessie noodle
the whole self
kirsten michelle
lindsey alyce
mati rose
voz chica
pinky doll
story of my life
freckled nest
jennifer clare
jennifer hope
amateur judd
danielle T

hey and look at hannah! wow, in the land of photobooth friday, I've missed so much. it's good to be back.


  1. I think of your blog everytime I watch LA Ink on TLC and Kat gets into her photobooth with whomever she just tattooed. You're a trendsetter!

  2. that picture of your mil outside the booth is awesome

  3. ahh, sigh! love that booth and that picture of the "waiting" so good.
    glad you are back, and yep- you MIL is pretty darn cool!

  4. your family is just the coolest all around. seriously

  5. i am so glad that you appreciate your cool mother in law! i am envious! mine is pretty wickedly mean and it takes alot to see the hurt kid inside of the 65 year old vicious woman. enjoy your sweet mother in law. what a blessing!

  6. me, put me on the list under photobooth friday. he he :)

  7. belive me lady, if there was a photobooth in this town, i would be flooding that pool every friday!

  8. love the retro fabric! and i love that she was nervous. she was a photobooth virgin! can you say that about your MIL?