20 September 2007

it's like a little treasure hunt

or something. that's what leslie says and I agree. am now optimistically looking ahead in the direction of fall. because it's official: summer is over. personally, I believe that summer ends the day right after labor day but this year I've really been fighting it. I admit, I've been hanging on tight to the deflated remains of summer '07. no mistaking the crisp quality of the air today, though. and that scent too, what is that? I don't even know what it is but wow, it's there and I can smell it. delightful is what it is and as much as I claim to be a summertime kind of girl, I do wholeheartedly enjoy the onset of fall. proof of that is in my list, which leslie requested from me a couple of days ago. not like she had to twist my arm or anything. her list is here, as is a full explanation of the brilliant little idea she affectionately swiped from summer (the person, not the season).

click and ye shall find. these are the things I want to do this fall:

I want to make a big pot of this. and bake this. and fill the entire house with the scent of this.

and read this. and this. and hopefully this.

and take classes here. and maybe one here.

and purchase one of these (in marigold, please) because it would look marvelous with my favorite pair of boots and some purple tights.

and take her workshop.

and take them here to do some looking and walking around. and bring home a couple of these.

and see this. and this looks interesting too.

and go on a date with this this really hot guy I know. kind of hoping he'll take me here. then maybe I can wear something nice for a change, something kind of like this.

and finish setting up my workspace in the basement so I can make more messes like this.

and look for a pair of these because apparently, I'm going to need them.

and see this before it's gone. and then see this. which probably won't be near as good as this. I could be wrong but probably not. I mean, I hope I'm wrong. I'm just saying.

and make these, but into pendants and rings instead. and make about a million of these.

and make these with her. I have a truckload of cardboard toilet paper tubes saved. all of them waiting to be magically transformed.

and plant these for spring. which feels like a hundred years from now.

and do this all around the neighborhood. partly because I don't have one of these yet and I enjoy a nice healthy sweat. but also because I can't just walk around the block like a normal person. I have them and I'm not afraid to use them. well, maybe a little.

okay. now it's your turn.


  1. holy freaking cow mama - so i start a little meme and you go and turn it up to freAKIN' ELEVen!!! guess i'll just have to go juice mine up to your stellar level toot sweet...how about we do this four times a year because we love it so much?

    love love love,

  2. Ok, I LOVE this meme. And being the meme queen, I'm going to come back here when I have time, read all your links and then go over and read Les links too and then, I'm going to do my own this weekend. What a great idea!!

    You know much I love the roller skates - do I see a derby girl in the making? xo

  3. yes, so much good stuff to do isn't there? I might have to make a list of my own this weekend...

  4. Delurking to say that "The Good Earth" is one of my most favorite books. In my opinion, it should be your top priority book for fall!

  5. This is fun! Plus I love the flickr' pic of the kids shot from up above with them looking up at you!

  6. glad you liking the fall - it's one of my favorite times of year, and so glad you're on the wet coast along with the rest of us - i'm going to have to get those boots i think....

  7. awesome! i usually make a list for summer, but i never have for fall before. thanks for the idea and the inspiration!

  8. You'll be proud that I clicked on everyone of those links even the "hot guy I know" link. I wanted to see which pic you would choose :)
    I knew the 2nd (and last time) we hung out that you were a cider junkie. Yours was pretty tasty!
    BTW, last Halloween was great, and it made suburban life seem like something that needed leaving. Now Halloween will be a scream!! And no 45 minute drive.

  9. what a great post! i love this idea and the way presented it. so many of the things you are looking forward look amazing. i would love to generate something like this.

    [one question::what type of filing system do you have set-up in order to document all of the sites you had for this post?]

    i hope you enjoy your first fall in Portland. invest in some boots sooner then later the good ones go fast around here.

  10. the last few days it's been pretty undeniable, hasn't it? fall is here, having arrived seemingly out of nowhere. i wonder about the smell too. and the adjective-defying light. (could it be the fireplaces?)

    your list is nothing but marvelous. funny, but my top item also involves skating (just a different type). i tackled it this week, despite the nervousness, and felt completely giddy. it's always good to fly a little. enjoy yourself. :)

  11. PS. Target has the cutest rainboots right now - I just got a pair of black with white polka dots. xo

  12. this is fun - lots of great things hidden in this post. hope you get to them all!

  13. This meme was so fun to read, I had to make one of my own. :) Sounds like you'll have a great autumn (especially with those fantastic skates)! I can't wait to hear more about it.

  14. that's quite a list of treasures to complete! :)

  15. i heart posts with mega links! so much fun! definitely like a treasure hunt!

  16. that's just a gorgeous list :) i especially like the thoughts of sipping hot cider and going to those movies, especially that certain one!!

    my absolute dream.
    thanks for showing her to me!!! what inspiration!!!!!

  18. Hey, so good chatting with you! Nice to catch up.

    ...I'll just make a mental list of what I want to do this Fall, since I'm at work. It'll no doubt include "stay warm" and "bury some nuts for winter".

    I hope you get to do all your stuff!

  19. great list!
    contemporary dance class sounds fun.
    good luck with all your fall goals.

  20. such fun. i can't wait to go on the treasure hunt this weekend when i have more time. think i will follow suit too. hope you are having a beautiful friday andrea. xo