23 July 2007

I've been:

1. trying to find a sliver of time to write here.

2. wondering why stores feel the need to put out school supplies like summer is over already and school starts tomorrow or something. so totally wrong.

3. cleaning the house like the pope's coming for tea. he's not, but you never know. really, I've been prepping for houseguests and they're here now, hopefully enjoying the fruits of my obsessive, frenzied labor.

4. gleefully consuming bags of cherries and many quarts of fresh blueberries from the neighborhood farmers market.

5. watching top chef and wishing I could cook something other than whole wheat spaghetti with marinara sauce.

6. making giant-sized pom-pom paper flowers for ava's big secret garden birthday party.

7. missing color week.

8. grilling out with good friends.

9. watching my zinnias bloom with much excitement and wondering when the sunflowers (whose stalks are now as tall as me) are going to start showing some color.

10. finishing up interpreter of maladies so I can start on the good earth. still putting together my ultimate reading list (based on all these terrific recommendations).

11. perfecting my strawberry lemonade recipe.

12. hoping to visit the drive-in movie theatre in newberg before the summer is over.

13. marveling over the fact that I CAN NOW SEW. my skill is limited, but still. I took a class last month and learned how to make an a-line skirt. I can't believe I made a skirt! have now cut the fabric out for about seven different skirts, all ready to be sewn. happy to say, a sewing machine will soon be in my possession.

14. listening for the tinkly music of the ice cream truck, hoping for the ice cream man to come through our neighborhood.

15. lamenting over the end of the summer postcard swap (though I am still receiving the occasional postcard). a wrap-up is in the works.

16. cleaning out the garage and unpacking so many forgotten boxes. finally, I have summer clothes and sandals to wear. finally, I found the curtains. and my big box of old letters to hang on the wall and the rest of our music collection and the ice cream sprinkler and the beach towels. the list goes on and on and on.

17. in a mild state of (pleasant) shock over the recent feature on photobooth friday in the oregonian newspaper. I do so solemnly swear to share it here this friday.

18. cursing my ice cube trays. why is it so hard to get the cubes out of the trays? I'm serious. I think I'm missing something. some special trick or something. it's really become quite the problem and I am a girl who needs a good supply of ice on hand.

19. wondering if there's any way I can make it to brooklyn in august for my brother von's first art opening.

20. dying to see paris je t'aime. and don cheadle's new movie. I am a big fan of mr. don cheadle.

21. hanging out in the backyard after dark and loving it. me and ward, we wander out there once the kids have gone to bed and sit out under the wisteria and string lights and we eat popsicles and talk about things. am currently obsessed with wyler's italian ice pops, which look like flav-o-ice pops but are slightly more sophisticated. why? because they are delightfully slushy and come in flavors like raspberry, lemon, kiwi-watermelon and orange creme. I discovered them at k-mart a while back while stocking up on martha stewart glassware and can no longer find them ANYWHERE. officially disappointed.

22. thoroughly enjoying keri smith's guerilla art kit. which is not supposed to be out until november but for some unknown reason, can be found at urban outfitters. sorry, keri-- I know I should've resisted the purchase (on principle) but I could not.

23. on the hunt for the best bubble recipe ever and the perfect white cotton nightgown.

24. wishing for a hammock.

25. dreaming of the ocean.

26. enjoying a new haircut (abby, I absolutely love the place you recommended and am totally going back).

27. relishing the time with my family, especially my brother nate. wondering how we're going to say goodbye when they leave here today. I don't think I'll be able to stand it.

28. wishing the summer would slow down already and not fly by at such a frightening speed.


  1. sounds like you've had a busy and wonderful week! it's nice to see that you're still finding the time to enjoy some of the many joys of summer.
    i'm with you on the "back to school" front...i daresay i've actually spied a few christmas decorations out and about!!!
    i'm totally missing colour week!!!
    wondering if you go my email...i've written my list...it's sitting beside my bed, but i don't want to post until i hear from you...either way, it's been an amazing exercise ;-)
    thanks, andrea

  2. Again, Hula, I've just blogged about what I've been doing this summer, just like you do in this post. We must have a connection somehow! I've seen Paris, je t'aime and it's great. You ought to go see "Once" (fantastic music, simple story, slow pace to relax from our speedy lives) too...

  3. such a delightful list - i am just figuring out this whole sewing thing too and feeling excited at the possibilities

  4. 1. The school supply thing makes me crazy too.
    2. Color week was awesome.
    3. Maybe there will be a Fall postcard swap?
    4. Where and when is your brother's opening? I'm not far from Brooklyn - I could go in your place!
    5. Paris, je t'aime is great - go watch my favorite segment on my myspace page (www.myspace.com/end1212)
    6. I love Don Cheadle.
    7. I too like to make lists.
    8. Thanks for the link to my blog.

  5. Great bubble solutions here
    have fun (here at the Yellow House, we are partial to recipe #3)

  6. what an inspiring list!

  7. Missing color week over here, too. So cool that photo booth Friday made the paper!

  8. We've a hard time adjusting into our summer routine since we've been back in the US and after your post today my summer perspective is back. Thanks. Loved the list.

  9. there is so much i could respond too...
    but, wanted to echo that I loved color week SO much. It has inspired me to change my blog to be photos and words... and inspired me to go out and start purposely taking photos :) so thanks so much for the inspiration!

  10. i was totally shocked to see school supplies in the store. gross violation of summer.

  11. found you through lenny da vinci; wonderful mix of photo and art here!

  12. wow - sounds busy but really nice. hope your goodbye wasn't too too hard. and i'm going to have to go across the line and find me a kmart. we don't have those here. they will probably melt though for the drive home (oh well - we'll just have to eat them all, darn!)

  13. Andrea -- love, love,love the list...it sounds like you've been having the most amazing time. It made me realize that I need to squeeze a little more fun and frolic time into the rest of this summer. And, I definitely vote yes to another color week and postcard swap for the fall...

    And... by the way... you officially have the most beautiful & talented brothers... *ever*

    Thanks so much for sharing this awesome summertime list... I am officially inspired.

    xo from Omaha,

  14. i love your list!
    i am making those paper flowers for my wedding in a month-- can't wait!

  15. i love your list. i was nodding all the way through - uh huh, yup, me too.

    for me, the thing about the school supplies is - these marketers are ruining my summertime mojo. it's the same reason that - though i loved the summer post card swap (loved, really, and i miss it so), i can't think about the fall swap. as much as i couldn't wait for summer to start, i just don't want it to fly away quite yet.

  16. I have loved color week and the postcard swap - both have been highlights of my summer my friend. Your list here is so divine - I can't wait to see snaps of Ava's garden birthday party - I know it will be incredible. xo

  17. Love your list. I felt like we were in a conversation as I read this. I asked my husband just yesterday what was going on with all the school supply displays. "Way to spoil the fun of summer." I said.
    I love Top Chef. It pushes me to see what I can do in the kitchen.
    I miss color week so much. Every now and then I see something and think "That would make a good "green" pic." Yesterday my husband pointed and said, " That's good for red day." He misses it too I guess.
    The postcard swap was fun too. I feel a certain sadness now that I have recieved almost all of my cards...

    Congrats to your brother. I am excited for him and hope you get to go to his art opening.
    Happy summer! Savor the moment, my friend.

  18. oh it all just sounds so lovely! your words cheer me.

  19. good list - i may have to copy you.
    and i lovelovelove don cheadle.

  20. Like you don't have enough things to do already....I've put out an idea for a photo project!

  21. wow!
    sounds like a lot of fun!
    I am in love with your lists, I may go and make my own now:)
    I am glad you liked the salon-I thought as far as those places go, it was pretty cool. I want to see your haircut!
    I actually just had a random realization that a girl who works next door is a flickr friend-and we were both talking about how much we loved your photos...it was weird...
    Well, if you all are in the 'hood tonight I will be at last thursday...you know where...peace

  22. the good earth is on my to do list too, i cant wait for the guerilla art kit... um... that was a long list! might have to come back later and read it again to make more comments. :)

  23. Such a great list! i like to make lists, too. i think i'll make one like this on my blog! thanks for the inspiration!! i'm intrigued by the big paper flowers for the secret birthday party... will you post photos?

  24. hurray for sewing! and making a skirt...good for you!

  25. hey there list loving lady,
    i tagged you on my blog for another list for a rainy day, perhaps?

  26. consider yourself TAGGED ;-)
    i hope you'll play along.

  27. big hug to you, Andrea! This is a wonderful list.

  28. i may have some good news for you, i found those italian popsicles yesterday at the dollar store and i immediately bought a box in your honor. i can't wait to try them. so, try the 'dollar tree' store. i am not sure they have them in portland but i know they have them in the ATL so i am pretty sure you know the one i mean. if you don't have one there let me know and if there are more here i will ship you a box!