09 March 2007

photobooth friday

the only good thing about those digital photobooths is that they have more space. obviously, or we would not have been able to fit two whole families inside.

truly, the most difficult thing about this whole move out to portland has been the idea of leaving family behind. my brother nate and I always thought our kids would grow up together. the idea that this won't happen (at least, not in the traditional sense), breaks my heart. and as excited as I am for ward, for myself, for my family-- I know that this will be the hardest part. everything comes at a price, everything. even this fantastic adventure.

all you need is love:



  1. aw andrea. big hug. moving is an adventure, and fun and exciting, but i hear ya on the missing the fam. <3 big hugs.

    ps, want to know something dorky? in the past when you linked/mentioned marsill, i totally thought you were referring to your "bru-thah" not....your *brother*! haha. i had no idea! that's awesome! all this time and i had no idea. teehee.

  2. oh! im so glad you posted this. ive been meaning to but havent a clue where the scanner is since our move.

    i cant even bear the thought. just days away now and i cant even put a coherent thought down here. is it really happening? my heart is overwhelmed with saddness and joy at the same time. i am in a state of constant denial. we will miss you all so terribly...especially Luxie...

  3. distance distance distance. sounds like you got some pretty strong lubbins going on, despite the upcoming distance.


  4. pile em in!!!

    distance - it's big, but you can make it feel small... and knowing you and yours... you will.....

  5. Oh, andrea, I am a lurker. I love and adore reading your blog and feel excited for your move as if it were my own. As Kierkegaard has said, “Without risk there is no faith, and the greater the risk, the greater the faith.”

  6. These new-fangled, computerized photo booths are a rare example of how technology doesn't improve upon things...I definitely prefer the old-fashioned B&W/color photo ones. (Although, the colorful, cartoony, Japanese digital ones are cool!)

  7. that's a lot of smiles packed into one photobooth...

  8. i couldnt find how/where to email you.
    but i saw you were living in atlanta, and so am i.
    i have been in a desperate search to find a photobooth here. i left my last one in previous city.
    could you help me out?
    i would be ever so joyful and full of thanks.

    ps irunfromslugs@yahoo.com

  9. Thinking of you. I know the move is just around the corner...

  10. I posted too Andrea. Late, but I got a little something. I wish you all the best with your new avenue. I bet it will be fantastic.

  11. great picture with so many happy faces :)
    love your new header!
    i hope you'll get together often