25 May 2007

photobooth friday

dear uncle si,

I don't care that you never let me use my curling iron when we stayed at your house, I really don't. I know you were deathly afraid I'd start a fire or something (even though I was always extra careful). I know what it's like to be really, really afraid of something. you don't know this, but aunt louraine let me use the curling iron anyway. while you were at the pool hall, I was curling my hair. I'm sorry, but there are just some things a 14 year-old girl cannot live without.

I forgive you for being all weird about it because I think we are all weird about something. plus, you totally made up for it in other areas. for example: you always brought us the best donuts for breakfast. and you played a mean game of wahoo-- seriously, you were ruthless. and you had super keen junking skills (twenty lawnmowers in your backyard to prove it). plus, you had that twinkle in your eye. you can't buy a twinkle, you know. they don't sell them in the cosmetics aisle at kmart. you cannot have a twinkle surgically implanted into your eye. you either have the twinkle or you don't. you had the twinkle.

I don't use a curling iron anymore but I do occasionally use a blow dryer, one with a very large attachment (it's called a diffuser). I'm pretty sure this would freak you out. though I would gladly give up my blow dryer for one more week at your house-- me and mom and you and auntie and all the games of wahoo we could stand plus the early morning yard sales and enough fresh donuts to make us all sick. I wish we could go back, but we can't.

you should know how much you are missed. from what I understand, aunt louraine still asks about you. we're not sure she completely understands that you are gone now. or maybe she just doesn't want to accept it. I can't say that I blame her.

anyway, you are missed.


your niece andrea

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  1. This is great - I love the story as well as the pic. What a great reflection, especially the twinkle part.

  2. What a sweet post. He does have the twinkle indeed!

  3. what a perfect post. i love that you have all of these images.

  4. oh that lovely handpainted portrait style...

    ps, i did my first photobooth friday today, xo

  5. Aw, sweet story. I love the format of a letter for a Photobooth Friday post. You are making me want to steal your ideas again - you are definitely the blogger I steal from, I mean... am inspired by.. the most.

  6. ***twinkle, twinkle***


    twinkle, twinkle little star
    how i wonder where you are
    high above the world so high
    like a diamond in the sky

    ...is that the way that song goes...

    love your stories. i truly do. keep writing. don't ever stop. natty

  7. These last 2 posts have been all kinds of delightful.

    rock on.

  8. LOVE this! Oh, what a twinkle. It's such a great story, the curling iron and the bittersweet longing to go back. Bravo!

  9. You come from a line of very beautiful people!


  10. Hi Andrea! I had lost track of your blog over the past few months and just stumbled upon it to a) remember how much I loved it when I first started blogging, and b) learn that you have recently moved to my city!! (The words "Pix Patisserie" and "Saint Cupcake" jumped right out at me as I scrolled down! Both places I have been to recently.) Also: AWESOME that Ward is working at laika -- can't wait to see some sneak peaks of Coraline! Hope all's well. You've moved here at a perfect time of year!

  11. HAH wonderful.

    "I forgive you for being all weird about it because I think we are all weird about something."

    what a gem

    and also the part about surgically implanting a twinkle in ones eye.

    oh dang i gotta start curling up to some bloggage.

  12. Goodness -- how beautiful that was.

  13. that twinkle! man, he has it!
    i keep intending on doing photobooth friday and saying *next week*, but i mean it for reals!

  14. Awww... I'm all dewy eyed over here. So sweet and sad and just gorgeous.

  15. Andrea

    I (HEART) reading your blog. People laugh at me for know "everything" about you, well what you let us all know through your blog. Many think that your a close friend of mine.... haha

    I use to blog but I don't have the time anymore, so you can catch me on www.facebook.com under Sue Pietersen if you'd like.

    Keep up the writing, taking pictures, dancing, being a mother and wife and all those wonderful things you do.

    ps... I've posted before but under a nickname.


  16. I wish we had a photobooth somewhere here! hey, can I use that pic in one of my resin works? think about it? I completely understand if you say no, heaps of people do. cheers