20 September 2006

self portrait #34

and I was all prepared to write about how we first met but it's just not something I can do at the moment. if I've learned anything in these twelve years of marriage, it's that there are up times and there are down times. right now, we are stuck in the land of in-between. another time, another time. up, down or in between, he is still my true love.

(for the september self portrait challenge 'with someone'-- more here)


  1. Yes. Knowing that there are ebbs and flows, this is how a marriage will endure. We celebrated 10 years this past August and while I'd be married to no other, I'm not sorry he's traveling this week because right now, the space is good. And so are we, it's just different.

    xoxo mama!

  2. Bravo Miss Andrea! I think you may have just described how to be happy in a marriage. There are all kinds of feelings in a marriage...love,frustration, acceptance, respect, ....I think too many people expect marriage to be an adult Disneyland....full of excitement, thrills, and totally FAKE! When the everyday starts to seep in, the marriage is over...
    My husband Michael and I have been married 17 years. He makes me crazy...he is always there for me...he is my lover and my friend...we believe in eachother even if we don't always like eachother. He is the best man I know and I am damn lucky to have him.
    And it seems you and your husband are damn lucky, too.
    Belated Happy Anniversary to you both.

  3. I have only been married 5 years but I have learned by watching my husband's parents, who have been married 46 years, that up downs and in betweens happen. I am fortunate that my husband really learned this lesson from his parents and reminds me when times are tough that we will (without a doubt) get through it.

    I love this photo, very unique.

  4. so perfectly put i have nothing to add....

    other than.... i still miss you.... want more andrea!! :) but of course you are busy making a new home.... how are you sweet friend? your comment to me about history and family and aesthetics [duh printmakers in your family] hit such a chord.... i meant to respond and here i am doing it here.... think of you so often... xoxo

  5. And 'through the viewfinder' makes it's first appearance on the ever talented hula's blog...

    perfect shot.
    perfect sentiment.
    I look forward to the ups/downs/in-betweens again someday.


  6. what a lovely photo. thanks for sharing!

  7. i love this, the picture and the words. as i am getting closer to being engaged, i am soaking in all the marital wisdom i can possibly find. i loved reading these comments. i love to read about the real stuff that it takes to make a relationship work.

  8. great description of marriage...
    It's only been four years for us but I can relate. I respect your honesty and willingness to be real when so many want to pretend that marriage is a romance novel 24/7!

  9. It's heartmelting and so, so pleasing to the eye.

    Great entry, A.

  10. I read this over and over.

    You move me.

  11. i'm only 4 years to but my eyes welled up when i read this. not cause i'm horribly sad because i'm very happy re: my marriage. But despite that it rings so true. We have all those times as well. So interesting- sharing a life with someone.

  12. you are so real and so lovely. beautiful post :)

  13. This photo is really wonderful. I just set the date to be married next May. I've been fishing around for marital advice and boy, did I stumble into some here. I am not expecting Disneyland as someone mentioned, I know it will be work. I'm very glad I've found the best partner I could ever hope for to do that work with me.
    Here's to an upswing for you two soon!

  14. oh andrea, its been too too too long since i have gobbled up yor words and vigor for life whole....im so glad to be catching up on everything now...you two, are amazing. congratulations, happiness, yay for you!!

    and is this the beginning of your ttv, i hope?? :))))*