13 September 2006

the loveliest sound

"put the broom down," he said.

agitated and sweaty, I let the broom drop.

"what? what? what are you doing? what's wrong?"

he had a strange look on his face, one I could not read. and then he got down on one knee.

"will you marry me?"

he was smiling now, laughing as he opened his hand to reveal the engagement ring I'd lost weeks before. my wedding band escaped tragedy but the engagement ring-- well, I thought it was lost forever. we turned the old house upside down but I quickly resigned myself to the loss. and so when he moved the couch and heard the delightful tinny sound of something small hitting the floor, he immediately investigated. not really believing that it would be the lost ring, the one that we picked out together at an antique store in rome, georgia so many years ago. white gold and circa 1940s, I have always been crazy about it. I must also confess that it was a replacement ring. yes yes yes, I lost the first one he gave me and I am still sick about it. ah, another long story and one of the great mysteries of the universe, really. absolutely amazing that this ring survived the move, even if it was just a short truck ride around the corner. that sunday, that big moving day-- also happened to be our 12th wedding anniversary. I knew there would be no night out, no tiny candlelit booth tucked away in the corner of some impossibly romantic italian restaurant, no time to reflect and really celebrate. but at least there was that moment. and the flowers he gave me which were lovingly placed in my favorite souvenir glasses in the window above the kitchen sink. they are happy there, I think.

I am happy here, I think.


  1. Glad to see you back online. I'm sure you have already put countless "Andrea" touches all over your new house, and I hope someday I can see this one too. I've been thinking about you these past weeks and sending you my best wishes...hope you got them. Beth

  2. How lovely and wonderful!!

    p.s. we miss you :*

  3. ...the most wonderful thing i've seen all day.

  4. so glad you are in your new place and are posting again. What a beautiful story of the lost ring :) Always great to read about your adventures. We have just moved and I feel like I can breathe in our new place. It's so funny, I did not want to move, but we had to. You know it's the best thing that could have happened!

  5. What a great sweet story.
    I hope you are regaining your strength.

  6. welcome back to the blog world, glad to know you are settling in... i missed you.

  7. aw shucks.... that is the sweetest....

    how's the new place?????

  8. yay, you are back! now i am so curious to see pics of your lovely rings. welcome back :)

  9. what a heartwarming post, a beautiful story with a happy ending and pretty flowers... all the makings of a fine romance.

  10. What a lovely way to celebrate your anniversary! Did you say yes? ;) I send you every good wish for your new home :)

  11. Oh I've missed you! What a beautiful story Andrea. I love that Ward proposed again, when he found your ring. Those souvenir drinking glasses kill me and I love their use for flowers. Glad you're moved in and hope that you begin to feel more settled.

  12. Missed you...and can't wait to see how you doll-ify the new pad. (And I love this post.)

  13. oh what sweetie he is! and so romantic!

    happy unpacking!

  14. She said no, by the way. "Not after knowing what I know now!" Ha ha heh heh...she kids.

    Seriously, it was one of those perfect moments when I stopped and turned around to see that small shiny object lying on our new living room floor. And what a fortuitous event to have happen on our wedding anniversary! That's why I decided to propose again. See, I never had the chance to propose with this particular ring.

    It was a crazy move, but we're still hanging in there.

  15. now that I am all choked up for the day...
    congrats on the successful move, congrats on 12 years, congrats on finding the ring (again).


  16. love this
    big grin!
    (good luck with allt he moving angst!)

  17. Ah yes, my girl is back.
    With a touching story.
    A beautiful photo.
    And a new place to stretch her wings.
    (not to mention her loving man and bebes to surround her...)

    I can't even begin to tell you how many times you crossed my mind in the past few weeks. PBF isn't the same without you. Welcome, welcome, my friend.

  18. Without a doubt my favourite post today of all the many, many posts I've read. Thanks for sharing.

  19. I love it!
    What a great way to start out in your new home!
    This reminds me of a story I told on my blog during the summer. Here's the link if you want to read it...

    I'm glad you survived the move. Hugs to you as you settle into your new place!

  20. oh yeah and i would officially like to put in a blog request to hear your stories of how you guys met, got engaged and married.

  21. happy anniversary! glad you are settling in. what a great thing that your ring was found!
    i'm seconding meridith's request for the "once upon a time" about you two :)

  22. so happy to hear that you are settling in.
    and what great news about your missing ring.
    that ward, what a romantic guy, proposing and all.

    hope to see some pics of the new digs soon!

  23. Ward's KILLIN IT!

    God, I've missed you . . .ok, on to reading the next one.

  24. hey that is so awesome! right out of a movie! now i want to see the ring! (and love love love love the souvenir glasses on the windowsil with the flowers!