13 July 2006

thursday love

I love the scratchy sounds of records playing. I like to sit and watch the uneven rotation of the grooves, I find great joy in carefully placing the needle where it needs to go.

things that are helping me to get over:

-a late night telephone conversation with my best friend (whereupon I ranted for an embarrassing amount of time)
-encouraging words from y'all
-project runway (yes please, I cannot get enough)
-nina simone singing 'here comes the sun'

(nina simone albums thrifted for a dime a piece-- so sick, I know)

the TILT originator is here. and more thursday love to be found here and here.


  1. i'm so asking for a record player for my 1/2 birthday!

  2. I adore Nina's cover of that song. Hope you're well!

  3. Just skipping through random blogs.
    Right on with Nina Simone!
    Keep those records out of the sun.

  4. great colors in these photos... My godfather has an unbelievable collection of records it takes up an entire wall in one bedroom (that was mine at a time) it is nuts...

    hang in there girl~

  5. Oooooo, mama. Project Runway and Nina Simone could get anybody juiced back up.

    Maybe one of these days we can sit on a porch, drink gin and tonics, paint our toenails and listen to Nina...

    Things will work out - keep the faith (and blast the music) :)

  6. I am smitten with your fantastic photo - I agree I adore the sounds of records. Those wonderful hisses and pops they just don't carry over to disc's.

  7. My cable was going in and out last night with a storm so I didn't get to see most of Project Runway ~ waah! Tonight is bookclub so I must wait to catch up this weekend. I'm SO excited it's back on!!
    Your photo is fabulous.


  8. nina just might cure most anything you throw her way. I love that you love her. just another reason to think you are pretty darn super.

  9. Oh, Nina Simone. Looooove that woman's voice. "I Get Along Without You Very Well" kills me. And Wild is the Wind. And ... it goes on!

    I'm so glad you were able to talk to your friend. Hang in there, you will come out stronger than ever ...

  10. revords playing............

    why do you always have so many comments?

  11. I was skeptical that I could get into another season of Project Runway...but one night and I'm hooked!I watch with my 14 year old daughter...we love it! We are going to try altering some T's this summer.

  12. Girl, I KNOW. I used to hate indie vinyl snobs. UNTIL I got a free console record player thrown in with a sofa set I bought at an estate sale. Now I canNOT get enough of that warm, scratchy sound. ESPECIALLY for jazzy/bluesy stuff. That dime for an adorable little Nina record was a STEAL.

    You know, I pretty much categorically hate reality shows. I hate the trumped-up drama. But I accidentally started watching PR last year and I LOVE it. (So does my husband, which, if you knew him, you would know how bizarre that is.) I wish more reality shows involved challenges that relied on actual skill and creativity.

    On a rather disturbing note, I was going to TILT this week, but I can't find my camera!

    Keep playing that record, sister-friend.

  13. omg--i don't even know anybody that still has a record player. i still have some of my old records but i don't have a player for them.

  14. I still love to hear things on vinyl, absolutely.

    Point of No Return is one of my favorite movies, partly because of all the Nina tunes.