28 July 2006

photobooth friday

and even more with the birthday girl. strip taken in december 2005 at the primal screen christmas shindig (ward snuck her back in that night to surprise me with this). I love that haircut on her but she has since vowed to grow her hair long (looooongLONGLOOOOOOONG, she says) and won't go anywhere near a salon. even if it is one with sparkly, shiny orange chairs. even if it means giving up a dig through the treasure box for a prize once the stylist is finished. anyhoo. more birthday fun here.

and holy photobooth, they're ALL OVER THE PLACE today. me likies:

the whole self
nessie noodle
lisa's musings

and for the mother of all vintage photobooth postings, check it: swapatorium


  1. Mine always says she's growing her hair long and then when she gets to the salon, she gets bangs and a bob. It's always my husband that takes her and he likes her hair shorter.....hmmmmm......(=

    Ava's way cute and I love the way you took this sweet pic.

  2. love the confetti all over!!! so party like!

  3. LOVE LOVE this shot.... can not even express it enough. tell ava i'm going to copy her in the photobooth next time!

  4. I love this picture within a picture. photobooth is rockin today!

  5. i love this party picture! and the story is so sweet...
    whole lot of players this week, loooove it :)

  6. My *favorite* photo of a photobooth strip, ever!

    And a super cute strip, too!

  7. i love this. i love the photo in a photo. loving the colors too.

  8. That is SO cool the way you did the photo of a photo! It looks like Ava is about to break through and pop out of the pic!

  9. Love this! She's so adorable and I love how she's on the confetti-strewn tabletop. Sassy birthday gal!

  10. so cute - it's like she's trying to grab the confetti!

  11. beautiful, as usual. Mina is going through the exact opposite right now. She wants to cut her hair. She said short and without being all controlling I was like, Uh, huhuh, how short? And she said just passed her shoulders which is totally cool. It will probably cut down on the rat's nest situation we deal with on the reg.