09 December 2005

oh christmas tree

soon the house will be filled with the scent of fresh pine. we are headed to pick out a tree this weekend and when we bring it home, we will play vince guaraldi's charlie brown christmas music and sit on the couch and stare lovingly at it. we'll be breathing deeply, through the nose, taking in as much of that christmas tree smell as possible. eventually, we'll get around to stringing the lights on (a day or so later) and then finally, the ornaments. ah, the ornaments. sadly, all the vintage ornaments (so carefully wrapped in paper and just waiting to make their yearly appearance) will have to remain in the attic. ezra is completely and totally head over heels in love with and obsessed with balls. or anything AT ALL ball-like in nature. 'BAH! BAH!", he screams. or "BOON! BOON!" when he catches sight of a balloon. he dives into the refrigerator the moment I open it, hoping to get his hands on an orange or an apple or kiwi whereupon he will throw the poor fruit around until it is reduced to mush. I knew we wouldn't be able to hang the ornaments on the tree this year but thought at least maybe I'd be able to set them all out in clear glass bowls around the house (which is what we did when ava was two). but I just KNOW that once he lays his big brown eyes on all those sparkly little orbs (placed just out of reach), it will be all over. it will become his personal mission to get his hands on any and all ornaments and my time will be consumed with preventing him from doing this. there will be unbelievably wild acts of baby desperation: supernatural scaling of walls and furniture to get at said ornaments, crying, whining, baby-like pleading and begging. and you know, you just can't reason with a baby. which is why I have chosen not to bring them out (oh how I will miss you, glittery little ornaments). they will stay nestled in their old cardboard 'shiny brite' boxes. and we'll be cutting out many MANY paper stars to hang on the tree instead.


  1. Awe that is so funny. Owen also loves bahs and boons, and calls them the same thing too. I just know he and Ezra would be buddies! We are going to attempt a tree, but I have a feeling we won't have any ornaments under 4 ft... ha. That will look funny, but I guess it is only a year. we are going to try, but I don't think it will work :) those ornaments are really pretty.

  2. Well, just try and enjoy the anticipation of getting them out next year. They'll be a year older and a year more special.

  3. WOW those ornaments are gorgeous!! and the smell of a fresh cut tree is like nothing else...especially with chrlie browns christmas tunes being played in the backrgound!!

    *merry christmas*


  4. the good thing being..... when you finally do get to hang those lovlies on the tree you will admire them with a new heartfelt gusto! :)

    happy tree trimming!

  5. Oh those are gorgeous! I want vintage ornaments.
    I just loved how you described getting a tree--savoring the smell, the tree just bare in your living room.

    And you answered something I've been really wondering about: what will Bean do when he sees the decorated tree at his grandparents house. The answer, I now know, is destroy it. Yikes. Ezra sounds adorable, however.

  6. good luck!!
    I am sure the tree will look great all decked out with paper stars until those beautiful ball can me unveiled.

  7. Happy Birthday Andrea!!! You are such an inspiration to so many people.

  8. oh i remember the last two years of christmas trees were sooooo tricky! paper snowflakes - such a great idea!! i considered getting some sort of fence to surround the tree there at one point! so funny that ezra with the bahs! ha ha ha! you've got yourself a sportsman i think. beautiful beautiful bahs by the way! e has some too handed down from his family which i am so in love with. love christmas trees! so magical they are!

  9. babies and christmas trees are a interesting combo.... i remember my mom building a fence around ours with the dining room chairs, but my little brother joseph found his way through to open some gifts anyway. :)
    so i want to tell you all about how i love these ornaments so freaking much and how i have similar ornaments but it's almost like a given by now because we like so many of the same things. all i can say is....i get it. i totally get it and i love that you get it.