12 December 2005

hello, I'm 35

hello, I'm 35 years old

and I'm blissed out. check it:

1. adorable children and husband treating me to breakfast in bed (which would be a warm krispy kreme donut with birthday candles stuck in it and a glass of ice-cold milk).
2. an ava-girl original birthday card (best present EVER).
3. and more food: lunch with all my people at figo. butternut squash ravioli good enough to make the knees buckle and the eyes roll back in the head. chaotic and lovely and everyone together.
4. three words: RED. VELVET. CAKE.
5. and you know there were presents (and they were good ones).
6. a fabulously designed birthday card (jan, I LOVE it) and an inspired gift from poppy.
7. a little shopping spree at victory vintage (where loverboy is painting a mural in return for a nice little chunk of store credit).
8. a massage at my favorite local spa, natural body.
9. brown suede wedges that I finally broke down and bought myself.
10. and still, more food: dinner with ward at agnes & muriel's. working on my '35 things to do before I turn 40' list over fried green tomatoes and mashed potatoes. ward kept making me laugh thus preventing me from finishing this list (stalled at number 21).
11. lovely words from the man I love most (thank you).

people, it was a birthday weekend extravaganza. started off with a bang when we hit the scene at husband's work christmas party. no lie, there was a photobooth on site (free and unlimited use! I almost passed out, I swear). hence the above photo. AND there were fresh strawberries and a chocolate fountain. A CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN, PEOPLE. that's really just about all I need. saturday included a trip to the fleamarket with my momma and the purchasing (and setting up) of a fresh christmas tree. the house smells fantastic. and so today, I am on a post-birthday high. me likies birthdays.


  1. Hello, you're 35, and you're BEAUTIFUL. I had a great time, watching you take it all in. I'm so glad that you enjoyed it. I only wish that birthdays somehow last longer than 24 hours, but alas, we would be messing with the whole space/time continuum thing.

    The Primal party was fun, Figo was great, hanging out at Victory Vintage was sweet, Agnes & Muriel's was a blast, and even the movie (of which you only saw a fraction) was brilliant. Greatness abounded on this weekend -- just for YOU! Happy Birthday, and many many more.

    Love ya, kiddo.

  2. eek! i meant to leave you a birthday note YESTERDAY! happy birthday, fabulous girl! (that is your new superhero name).
    keep on celebratin', sister! it only gets better! xo

  3. YAY!!!! Happy Birthday!!! Congrats on all the fabulousness....and thanks for sharing your fabulousness with all of us. You make it look so good - I can't WAIT to be 35!

  4. hapy bday
    happy bday
    happy bday!

    xs 35!! :)

    and im with your ward!
    drag it out as LONG as
    you possibly can my dear!

    a week at least! month if
    possible!! :)

  5. hello lovely i don't look a day over 25 lady!!

    yay for big celebrations and FREE PHOTO BOOTHS [can you feel the jealousy through the screen??]

    keep celebrating like it's going out of style!!

  6. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Your husband's words gave me shivers. YAY for you two for being together for, holy crap, fifteen years--and for loving each other so well. And hooray for a wonderful birthday, good food and good friends. You are such an inspiration Andrea.

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GIRL! Love the picture.

  8. Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you had a great day!

  9. what an INCREDIBLE birthday! HAPPY GOOD ONE :)

  10. happy day! it sounds like you had a great time

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Reading your words make me want to be 35!!! You are so young in spirit and don't even look like you are in your 30's!!!

  12. Wishing you a most excellent birthday from Texas... hope you're having a cotton candy and pinwheel type of day!

  13. happy birthday - sounds like you got it all.

    thank you for taking the time to visit and comment on my blog - have a merry christmas.

  14. Hurray!!! Sounds like it all went down wonderfully! I didnt know about the photo booth! And the Red Velvet Cake was delicious. Happy Birthday!

  15. oh hula - everything sounded divine! from the krispy kreme (which i have yet to taste) to the chocolate fountain! and a photobooth - it's like it was ordered just for you! how lucky!!!! many many more happy returns!

  16. Photo booth, chocolate fountain, red velvet cake, and did I mention photo booth? All access photo boothing on your birthday weekend? The gods are smiling on you girl and I am thrilled to hear it. But don't tell me you fell asleep in the movie. Did you? Happy birthday sweet star of '70. I love you!

  17. Happy, Happy, HAPPIEST birthday wishes to you Andrea!! What a party for a girl who knows how to have a blast with the ones she loves! Glad it was a great celebration filled with all the things and people you love.
    warmest bday wishes to YOU!!!

  18. THANK YOU, EVERYONE!!! thanks to y'all, my birthday is lasting well into this crazy week. and for that, I am eternally grateful. I cannot tell you how much all your birthday wishes have meant to me!

    ward, thank you so much for making my 35th so memorable. there are no words for how thankful I am for that. one of the many reasons I love you.

    kathleen, totally digging the new superhero name (thanks)... now all I need is a theme song and I'll be straight.

    lisa, I'm a' blushin (and forever grateful for that comment, ha)... wish you coulda been in on the photobooth action... you know, I got so into it that I was actually considering running home to grab props, wigs and sunglasses. because how often do you get free use of a photobooth???? crazy!

    christina, thank you for the kind words regarding me and ward... lots of hard work, this whole marriage thing, but the pay-off has been tremendous. I'm honored to think I have been any sort of inspiration at all to anyone else out there... thanks for that.

    AJ, girl. you made my day.

    lulu, can't believe I forgot to tell you about the photobooth! glad you enjoyed the red velvet cake... happy birthday to you, too!

    jan, if there was any way AT ALL for me to ship you a fresh krispy kreme donut (so hot it melts in your mouth) I so totally would.

    nance, yes, I'm afraid I did fall asleep in the movie. it's just that it was such a big day and I had just eaten all those fried green tomatoes and had stayed up the night before making the red velvet cake.... girl, I knew I was in trouble when my eyes got heavy during the FIRST FIVE MINUTES. but it was an amazing and fascinating movie (from what I saw). phillip seymour hoffman... fantastic. as always. I'm so mad at myself for falling asleep. which is why it didn't make the list, ha... (and although it would've have been SO FUN to spend my b-day in st. louis with you, it was great being home. yes, the photbooth and chocolate fountain were a nice touch. wish you coulda been here. miss you).

  19. happy happy happy happy birthday. it sounds like yours was just divine!!!

  20. happy birthday to you! sounds like you had such a wonderful day celebrating you!