14 November 2005

when disaster strikes

oh, it was to be a weekend filled with much goodness, a weekend that held fantastic possibility. there was to be a visit from parents, a trip to the fleamarket, a double date (to the movies), two birthday dinners for friends (one to include dancing, OH THE DANCING), a chili cook-off and a trip to the newly re-opened high museum of art (for FREE). ah, but the weekend gods had something else in mind, something more in the vein of disaster. the parents were here less than twenty four hours before being called home for a family emergency. and before we could salvage the weekend, the sick children were called in. yes, there was public vomiting and a high fever, the kind of fever that reduces mothers to tightened little balls of nerves and forces them to curl up on the couch into fetal positions. no, I could not enjoy a saturday night viewing of disc one of season two of arrested development, could not even enjoy that golden time when the kids have been put down and you know that the evening is yours. there was worrying to do and of course, more vomiting (this time by ezra). and all of this sickness, this paralyzing maternal fear cancelled out the fleamarket, the double date, the birthday dinners, the chili cook-off and the high museum of art. and essentially any chance we had of recovering from the unexpected and quite disappointing departure of my parents.

I love this photo of my mom and dad holding me and my brother nate, have loved it for so many years now, for so many reasons. but now I love it because I can relate. because this could just as easily be a photograph of me and ward holding ava and ezra. sort of speaks to the kind of weekend we had and I am strangely comforted by it. I am reminded that it is just going to go down like this sometimes, things are going to fall apart and sometimes all you can do is hope to make it through. and that's what we did, we made it through. we took care of the kids and tried to hold it together and sometimes that's all you can do.


  1. That photo is amazing. I think it is osmething we can all relate to, both from growing up and having kids. I love things like that. Things that make us fee "oh we're normal, this is normal: :) That is why I love Lynette on desparate housewives.

  2. i love the continuum of the photo... you look like your mom! it's also just such a good photo!

    i'm so sorry to hear about all the sickness and plan changes... make it up to yourself when the little ones are better, OK? pedicure - hot bath - romantic dinner w/ ward [babysitter!]... something!! you deserve it!!

    thinking of you!

  3. So sorry your weekend wasn't what was expected. Is everything okay with the family emergency? That is a GREAT photo! I hope the kids feel better soon!

  4. yes, weekend dreams were tossed out with the trash. Im so sorry! Especially because we are in the same spot today! I have always loved this photo too--your mom's expression is so great, just going with the flow!

  5. Classic. This is what I suppose my future family to look like. Whenever Ryan and I see rowdy kids in TV we say "yep, those are our kids"

  6. oh wow! what a weekend. i'm so sorry and you're right, sometimes that's all we can do. i hope the week looks up for you.

    i love the pic. i love your mom's expression. yep, i've been there.

    so happy to find someone out there that likes arressted developement. it's my favorite commedy. i can't get enough of the quirky bluth family and keep changing my mind about which one is my favorite. i own season 1 and season 2 is on my xmas wish list. i was sad to read that after this season's 13 episodes fox is canceling it. bummer. i'm hoping another channel picks it up.

  7. i absolutely love this photo. you look like ava in this pic! soooo cute. your mom's arms are so toned! what a cute little mama she was!
    sorry to hear the weekend was a bust, it sounds like you had some lovely, lovely plans. but such is life and you made it through and that's whats important. and these are the days you will look back so fondly on someday and laugh about.
    arrested development RULES

  8. Squirmy McSquimison in your mom's arms makes me happy that my girls are of walking age. That look of resignation is classic and kind really.

    And I haven't seen one of those ribbons that is in your mom's hair since 1976. 'Member those? Thick acrylic in mad colors?

  9. oh man! you know we've been there. so hard. so sorry to hear about the little ones. it's so heart-wrenching to watch them be ill isn't it? it's one of my most unfavorite things. you feel so bad for them.

    and then your weekend...

    i can see why you like this photo. it shows parents being great parents!

  10. oooooh poor you. sounds just awful, I hate it when everything turns to hell. the parents back out the kids get sick. hopefully you can organise another weekend again soon - you need couple time to recoup. re: the photo - fantastic

  11. a lovely and realistic moment captured in the photo...

    sorry to hear your kids are sick...hope they feel better soon

  12. oh...what a dissapointing weekend! I'm so sorry!! I hope everyone is feeling better soon. Gosh. And that photo--wow! Your mom is just beautiful!!

  13. :( I'm sorry....I hate when weekends do that. It rained here pretty much the whole weekend, so the plans weren't that large! I hope your parents can make it back out there soon.

    buck up sistah soul!

  14. Sorry sweetheart. Of all the stinking luck. Try your best to not get sick yourself.

  15. What a great photo! love it!
    Isn't it amazing where you find yourself once you have children...the highs and lows are too much for me at times!
    Hope you are having a better week!

  16. what a great picture...classic.
    Seems to be that time of year when everyone is getting sick. I hope everyone is feeling better very soon...i'm always bummed when plans get ruined. Hope you get to do some of that fun stuff another weekend.

  17. Where did your dad steal all that hair? Was he armed?

  18. i luv that photo! i luv the look on you mom's face that kinda says "oh, he's okay. just ignore him" while she is secretly screaming in her head "please son, be still...don't cause a scene".

    i've made that face plenty of times :)

  19. thanks, y'all. I so appreciate the comforting words and the well wishes. does wonders for my spirit these days. the kids are finally over the stomach virus that tore through our home. we are officially healthy again. until the next bug hits.

    lisa- a pedicure is on the schedule for the saturday after thanksgiving... yay!

    aj- thanks so much for your concern! everything is okay on the family front- my grandma broke her hip and had to have emergency surgery... she's doing great now... thanks for asking!

    glam jo- accepting that you are going to have a rowdy family will make it that much easier when you find yourself up to your neck in it! (ha ha)...

    michelle and meridith- yes! ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT ROCKS. it's the smartest show on tv and I am in love with the bluth family. and they are cancelling it... typical.

    danette- we have officially adopted the term 'squirmy McSsquirmison for our wiggly boy ezra. and how could I forget about those ribbons? they were the coolest.

    nancila- and to think I could have taken advantage of the great airfare and spent the weekend with you...!!!

    frothy-froth, yup, can you believe he had all that hair!?

    elizabeth- yes, I know that face too... glad I'm not alone!