29 November 2005


remember that the most beautiful things in life are also the most useless. peacocks and lilies, for instance. -john rushkin


  1. "Life is not so bad if you have plenty of luck, a good physique and not too much imagination." -Christopher Isherwood

    (One of my faves, not really apropos, but certainly witty!)

  2. perfect quote - especially for that photo!

  3. I fiercely love me some graffiti.

    I went to Paris years ago and all I took pictures of was Parisian graffiti. I couldn't help it.

    Inspiration & Beauty -- underlying forces -- are far from useless. Plus the beauty of the peacock gets him laid. FAR FROM USELESS.

  4. good point, madness. excellent point, actually... got to lay my eyes on some pics of the parisian graff pieces. lay it on me.

    klahd, yes. that is quite witty. and funny.

  5. thanks for the reminder! And I love that you go around photographing graffiti too...I always do, and then I imagine the secret act of creating it, in dusky shadows, on the lookout. I've never met a graffiti artist. Have you?

  6. Love the quote. Great talking to you and Ward last night. Here's a fav quote of mine that could sit, side by side, with that grafitti photo:

    "Ah, good taste! What a dreadful thing! Taste is the enemy of creativeness."

  7. Andrea...great blog, I thoroughly enjoyed my browse through it tonight. You're a wonderful writer and the pictures and stories you share are lovely. (Loved your kids halloween photos) I suspect that I will be returning regularly.

    with that, I feel I should leave a quote but only have this one handy at the moment...

    "Why is it that the winner of the Miss Universe contest always comes from Earth?" -Rich Hall

  8. this is just good stuff right here. good good stuff.