05 August 2005

come on and sing it with me

dekalb avenue delight

there are graffiti pieces hidden all over the city. like easter eggs, just waiting to be found.

everyday, I find myself making the same drive down the long industrial stretch of dekalb avenue. I have become a loyal traveler of dekalb, much as I detest the grind of my daily route. this is because dekalb never disappoints. decaying old signs, impromptu gardens, bits of street art, marta trains that races alongside and up above. no shortage of visual gems. and my favorite-- the self serve car wash, whose humble concrete walls once held bursts of color (courtesy of hense, one of atlanta's most prolific graff writers). my heart sank when I discovered it had all been painted over. I looked for it each day as I zoomed by. I loved the idea that you could pull in, blast the dirt off your car and get an eyeful of color. all for a handful of quarters.

(I have a special place in my heart for graffiti writers. I am married to the one they call canon)


  1. yes andrea - love this! i like the way you described finding them like little easter eggs. too bad about the car wash...sounded like a great place for some splashes of graffiti. and of course you know i'm already a fan of canon's work!!

  2. Wow! Ward's stuff is phenomenal.

  3. Thanks, Lora! And thank you, Andrea for mentioning me. That be nice.

    I'm so mad that they painted over this huge graffiti production on Dekalb Ave. It's now white with ugly dull red trim. Horrible. That corner has now lost it's flavor. Too bad. Maybe I'll approach the owner and do some characters there....

  4. thanks, jan and lora. and canon, I'm so lucky to be married to my own personal graffiti writer. I haven't written too much about it yet, but I'm so proud of the work you have been able to get up around the city these past five years. I am beaming with pride.

  5. yeah...hense is fresh i really liked those pieces