23 August 2005

self portrait tuesday #3

earlier today, ward asked me why I decided to participate in the self-portrait tuesday group. at first, I really didn't have an answer for him. truthfully? I feel a little vulnerable posting a photograph of myself each week. I feel weird about it, which is precisely why it's such a valuable exercise. I'm genuinely interested in things that stretch me personally and creatively. the task of taking a photo of yourself is a tricky one. vanities are revealed and some playing is required, you must be open to looking at yourself with different eyes. you must be able to let go of some things. or embrace some things.

there was so much going on around me while I was trying to get this shot... ezra was crying, ava was grieving over a broken barbie vespa, the phone kept ringing, the camera battery was moments away from dying and my time was running out. initially, I was uncomfortable with the self-portrait above, self-conscious about the angle, about my mole, maybe. I don't know. and then I thought about how I have had that mole since birth, how much it is a part of my appearance. throughout the years, it has been the source of both shame and pride. over and over, I have been teased about it and complimented on it. such a small thing, that little mole on my chin. but I guess that's what self-portrait tuesdays are all about.

and oh, how I love to see what everyone else puts out there. please, help yourself to more self-portrait tuesday goodness: go here and here.


  1. I love this shot! And that mole is a very unique characteristic that you should definitely be proud of.

    Great composition and nice, warm colors here. I love how you've somehow made this image very tranquil and not at all hectic, like the way you said it was at the time. Excellent job, dearie.

  2. First off great shot. You are a natural!
    I feel the same way about SPT. It is a stretch in every possible way for me. creatively skillfully and personally... I feel the way abuot my nose you feel about your mole. I have been made fun of and complemented... i have loved it and hated it. Funny how we are as people.

    Anyway, absolutely great pic.

  3. Great shot.
    Are you finding that you are taking better pictures of yourself or is Ward taking better pictures of you?
    I have this thing about pictures that one takes of oneself with arm extended with camera turned inward ... they just have an endearing quality to them ... not assumptive or flatulative.

    I made those last two words up. I'm sure they mean nothing I meant them to mean. I just liked them at the end of that sentence.


  4. and no one else has that mole, i think it's your beauty mark. thanks for being so honest, i love how you took the shot even though everything was telling you not to.

  5. Love it. And love the mole.

  6. you know, i've always preferred people's uniqueness (another made up word perhaps?), and have disliked perfect teeth, perfect noses, perfect bodies...it' soooo boring. i have a huge split in my front teeth that the dentist keeps on wanting to fix, but besides really being afraid of needles, it doesn't bother me as much - it's just all the sad pressures from the outside to make us perfect.

    love the warmness of this shot and you are so right about taking one's own photo - it's so revealing, but yes a good exercise in seeing oneself in a different way. great post!

  7. I agree- great shot. You're beautiful! Such an honest story too. Thank you!

  8. sexy, yes, but sensual was the first word that came to mind. made me think of a hot humid day and wonder where the ice cube was in the picture, like a moment from a chick flick when the woman kinda gets the man's mind off other things. a bit vulnerable too. Never would've imagined the rest of the stuff was going on while u snapped the pic. awesome. don't worry/be so concerned, I don't think anyone here would ever say anything negative about you. Ur doing a gutsy thing-be proud & embrace who and what you are.

  9. I love you mole. I have two small ones on my neck/ rightside of my back area. and they always make me feel special. I'm really thinking of joining in with this self-portrait Tuesday thing. Is that okay? I think it is a wonderful idea that will roce me to face some of my body issues.

  10. thanks, all.

    ee-- I love your nose! I know, aren't we funny? people are so funny.

    slim-- I dunno... I just started taking pics of myself (borrowing my bro's digital camera)... it's really tempting to just use photos that ward has taken of me because he always gets the best shots. even those are technically allowed for self-portrait tuesday, I think it's good to try to take your own (at least every once in awhile). also, I like your made-up words. I'm all about new words, ha.

    jenny and glam jo-- when I'm having a good day, it feels like a beauty mark. thanks for your kind words.

    jan-- yes, I feel the same way... what the world would deem as physical quirks and imperfections are often what make us beautiful and stunning. so glad you have resisted the dentists' insistence and listened to your instincts. from the photos I have seen, you have the most beautiful smile...!

    joleen and elisabeth anne-- thank you for your sweet comments...

    lora-- yes! you should do it! you can sign up through the links I provided at the end of the post (add your blog to the list on red current) and/or sign up for the flickr group (are you on flickr?)... I'll be looking for you on tuesdays....

  11. so happy that SPT has become a success. I think that women especially have to take control of their self image, and learn to love their image and not fear it. great pic, great mole, great composition. am loving your pics.

  12. my goodness, woman, YOU ARE SIMPLY GORGEOUS!